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Want inside info on Liverpool's best places to eat, sleep, shop, drink and just generally have a good time? 👀 Of course you do. 

Our VisitLiverpool blog is written by our very own in-house Liverpool experts who spend almost every day in the city. Whether they're out looking for the hottest new opening or just enjoying some downtime in the city, their knowledge of Liverpool is second to none. 

  • Storytelling: Liverpool Biennial 2016

    Storytelling: Liverpool Biennial 2016

    This summer it’s the ninth Liverpool Biennial, a free festival of newly commissioned contemporary art from around the globe. The festival is described as a “soap opera,” telling a story in several episodes...

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  • Art Attack

    Art Attack

    Check out our top five current and up-coming exciting arty offerings in Liverpool for you to take your pick…

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  • Disney Magic

    Disney Magic

    Could this be the first time Disney’s mighty Queen Elsa takes on Liverpool legend John Lennon? Disney will be dusting a little of its magic in the city as it arrives in Liverpool this summer.

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  • Kickstarter: Coffee spots

    Kickstarter: Coffee spots

    Look, tea, it’s not over. We’re just on a break, OK? Coffee’s just so much fun to be around these days. Especially in Liverpool... 

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