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Want inside info on Liverpool's best places to eat, sleep, shop, drink and just generally have a good time? πŸ‘€ Of course you do. 

Our VisitLiverpool blog is written by our very own in-house Liverpool experts who spend almost every day in the city. Whether they're out looking for the hottest new opening or just enjoying some downtime in the city, their knowledge of Liverpool is second to none. 

  • Resilience through gardening - the Granby Gardening club

    Calling all Green-fingered Enthusiasts 🌲

    Every two years, the largest festival of contemporary, visual art in the UK takes over Liverpool - Liverpool Biennial. Take a look at how you can get greenfingered and involved with Granby Gardening Club.

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  • Liverpool's '10K' Moments

    Liverpool's '10K' Moments

    There was reason to celebrate at VisitLiverpool HQ recently as we’ve now got over 10,000 amazing fans following us on Instagram!

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  • The Terracotta Warriors are in Liverpool in 2018

    10 Fantastical Facts About The Terracotta Warriors

    One of the world's greatest ancient wonders is here. You’ll have to see it to believe it. But to help tide you over, we’ve dug up ten incredible facts, to make you stand to attention for China’s tremendous and terrifying Terracotta Army.

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