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Want inside info on Liverpool's best places to eat, sleep, shop, drink and just generally have a good time? 👀 Of course you do. 

Our VisitLiverpool blog is written by our very own in-house Liverpool experts who spend almost every day in the city. Whether they're out looking for the hottest new opening or just enjoying some downtime in the city, their knowledge of Liverpool is second to none. 

  • Liverpool Coffee Shops ☕

    Liverpool Coffee Shops ☕

    We all love a good cup of coffee in the morning with breakfast, at lunch with a friend, afternoon coffee and cake or a pick me up before a night out - we could basically drink it all day! The great thing about Liverpool is whenever you feel like a bit of a caffeine fix there is always somewhere to go. Check out some of our best picks!

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  • Liverpool Street Art 🖌️

    Liverpool Street Art 🖌️

    Liverpool is a city overflowing with art and culture and street art is becoming a huge part of our city’s landscape. In all corners of the city artworks large and small are popping up on the sides of buildings so we've put together a list of a few to see if you can find them. 

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  • Jonny Bongo - The Man Behind Bongo’s Bingo 🦄

    Jonny Bongo - The Man Behind Bongo’s Bingo 🦄

    Bongo’s Bingo is the bingo sensation taking over the UK and it started right here in Liverpool! We spoke to Jonny Bongo, one of the co-founders behind the madness, to find out why coming to Liverpool for a round of bingo is definitely a must. Eyes down!

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  • Bido Lito! - Liverpool’s Music Magazine

    Bido Lito! - Liverpool’s Music Magazine

    Liverpool’s music scene is pretty non-stop and covering all the action is Liverpool music magazine, Bido Lito! We spoke to the team behind the pink pages to find out what’s really going on in music in the city and to see what their plans are for their 100th issue!

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  • Al Fresco Dining in Liverpool - Outdoor Food and Drink ☀️

    Al Fresco Dining in Liverpool - Outdoor Food and Drink ☀️

    Visiting Liverpool in the summer means you get to explore all the wonderful outdoor bars and restaurants to catch some rays and feel that Mersey breeze. From beer gardens, to rooftop bars and restaurants with incredible views, Liverpool is already for some al fresco dining!

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  • ITINERARY - 48 Hours in Liverpool - Millennial Edition

    ITINERARY - 48 Hours in Liverpool - Millennial Edition

    If you fall under the Millennial category (or even if you don’t) Liverpool is the best place to come if you feel like a weekend away exploring a new city. We’ve got everything; bars, restaurants, parks, museums, amazing events and the friendliest people you will ever come across - 48 hours might not be long enough!

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