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Want inside info on Liverpool's best places to eat, sleep, shop, drink and just generally have a good time? 👀 Of course you do. 

Our VisitLiverpool blog is written by our very own in-house Liverpool experts who spend almost every day in the city. Whether they're out looking for the hottest new opening or just enjoying some downtime in the city, their knowledge of Liverpool is second to none. 

  • 360 degree images of Liverpool

    Liverpool in 360

    There's no doubt that Liverpool is a pretty city. There's incredible buildings, views and even beaches. Take a look at some of the best places, spaces and views in 360. 

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  • Cocktails at HUS - Aperol Spritz and Pornstar Martini

    The Best Bars in Liverpool

    Everyone loves a good beverage and maybe even a boogie too? That's why we're saving you from searching and we've put together a list of the best bars in Liverpool. 

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  • LIMF Main Stage 2016

    Our Top Tips for LIMF

    Festival season is officially upon us and it’s almost time for one of the best festivals in Liverpool to take over Liverpool’s glorious Sefton Park. Here's our top tips for the day. 

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  • Melodic Distraction's Studio in Baltic Triangle

    Melodic Distraction

    If you've walked along Jamaica Street, had your photo taken with the famous Paul Curtis 'wings', or enjoyed a drink around the corner in Botanical Garden, the chances are you've probably gone past and maybe nosed through the window of the home of Melodic Distraction.

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  • The Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Liverpool

    The Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Liverpool

    Today, we thank the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna Russel for the delightful tradition that is Afternoon Tea. We’ve decided to discover some of Liverpool’s best places for Afternoon Tea. From the traditional, to the jaw dropping to even Beatles themed. We’ve found it.

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  • 18 Reasons Why You'll LOVE Liverpool

    18 Reasons Why You'll LOVE Liverpool

    Would Liverpool just roll off of your tongue amongst the most applauded European cities? Would it live up to the curiosity and awe that Sagrada Familia prompts? The adrenalin of Berghain, the purple haze and romance of Amsterdam’s canal? What about the thumping of...

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  • Sailing into Liverpool: What to do on a Day in Port 🛳

    Sailing into Liverpool: What to do on a Day in Port 🛳

    There aren’t many places in the world where you can ‘park’ a cruise ship in the centre of a city - right in the middle of all the action! Liverpool is one of those places and the minute you step off your ship there is so much to do, a day just isn’t long enough!

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  • Enjoy music with kids in Liverpool


    As you probably know, Liverpool is famous for its music. A certain Fab Four put our city on the map, and we’ve been producing incredible artists ever since. There’s loads of places where you can enjoy some family fun...

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  • Veggie Liverpool 🥑🍅

    Veggie Liverpool 🥑🍅

    Vegetarians and vegans are familiar with the search for somewhere to eat when travelling, so we look at some of Liverpool's best meat-free options.

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  • 2 youngsters sit on Xolo the giant dog. Just one of 18 ways to enjoy family fun in Liverpool

    18 Ways to Enjoy Family Fun in Liverpool

    If there’s one thing Liverpool does well, it’s helping people make memories. In the past, we’ve been the home of Giants, of giant spiders, of big free festivals. But that was the past and this is now.

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  • A Day in the Life: James at St Georges Hall

    A Day in the Life: James at St Georges Hall

    Liverpool is full of extraordinary people doing amazing things every day. From working behind the scenes at our cruise liner terminal to putting on the UK’s largest celebration of contemporary art, in our new ‘A Day in the Life’ series we’ll be meeting the very people who make all this happen.

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