Global Scouse Day is happening again and it’s the day where Liverpudlians all over the world cook up the taste of home.

What is Scouse? Well it’s a big thing in Liverpool, considering it’s where Liverpudlians get their nickname ‘Scousers.’ But what is it? It’s a local delicacy. The name scouse comes from ‘lobscouse’, a stew commonly eaten by sailors and with Liverpool’s maritime links, it became a popular dish in the city.

19th Century sailors made lobscouse by boiling salted meat, onions and pepper, with “ship’s biscuit” used to thicken. Today there are a number of variations to the dish as well as a number of restaurants serving the age old meal.

There’s even a day dedicated to it! Global Scouse Day takes place on Friday 28th February. You don’t have to be a scouser to celebrate Global Scouse Day!

If you can’t be in Liverpool on Global Scouse Day, we’ve got a boss recipe for you to try yourself.

In some families, the recipe is handed down through generations and is a fiercely guarded secret. If you’d like to try making the stew yourself, here's a recipe which we think makes a decent bowlful.

DIY Scouse

To feed four hungry people

You will need

1 big pan

2 tbsp flour

650 grams of Beef or Lamb

350g Carrots

350g Onions

650g potatoes

2x beef stock

Cooking oil


Picked Beetroot

Red Cabbage

Crusty bread

You could add

Red wine, ‘Brown Sauce’, Worcestershire Sauce, Rosemary, Thyme, Chilli Flakes, Swede.


1.       Dice the meat and vegetables

2.       Heat the cooking oil in the pain

3.       Coat the meat in flour

4.       Brown meat in the pan

5.       Add vegetables and stir

6.       Cover the food with tap water

7.       Add stock cubes and any other extras

8.       Bring to boil and then reduce the heat

9.       Leave to simmer for 3 hours, stirring every 15 minutes

10.   Put in the fridge and serve the following day

Once served, Scouse is normally accompanied by picked beetroot and red cabbage and buttered white bread.

If you're giving it a go this Global Scouse day tag us in your photos on Twitter or Instagram so we can see your amazing winter dinner. 

Dont fancy making it yourself? Head to one of these places in Liverpool to give their versions of Scouse a go - you won't regret it!