A city with a lot of history, comes a city with a lot of tales… and a lot of ghosts. The Shiverpool Ghost Tour is not your average ‘Most Haunted’ episode type tour, ending with an Ouija board and someone claiming to have ‘felt someone’ brush passed them.

Shiverpool is an interactive experience, led by 3 Shiverpool Characters who not only tell tales of ghosts, but the history of the city too. It's great fun and while you might jump and scream, you’ll definitely laugh too.

We know this, because we went on the Auld Vaults of Doom Tour on Saturday 11th February. This tour is coming to an end soon, so we didn’t want to miss out.

Read on to hear what we thought and see what we got up to.

The tour starts at the bottom of Castle Street right by the Queen Victoria Monument on Derby Square, the former location of The Castle of Liverpool.

When we arrived there were three characters dressed in long black coats and top hats, dancing around, swirling in between the worried looking convoy of around 40 people, about to embark on the tour.

There was one particular lady in a group of friends who was almost guaranteed to ‘jump’ every time, even when someone so much brushed behind her… which continued throughout the evening. At one point we were talking to the female character – bloodied teeth and all – when we turned round to see one of the two ‘brothers’ almost perched on the shoulder of me! *Keep it calm, no screaming allowed, we are professionals.*

The tour began crossing over the road (even that was entertaining! – We’ll say ‘green demon’ and no more) and down the dimly lit street of Lower Castle Street. As our leader took us through the street, educating us on Liverpool’s historic tales there was a sudden loud crashing and rattling sound. We weren’t the only people on the tour. A number of screams echoed from the convoy and as I spun my head round, three more spookily pale and bloodied characters were attempting to escape from a back door.

Anyway, we don’t want to ruin it and there’s one surprise already. The tour we were embarking on was focussed around the streets that house some of the most architecturally impressive buildings in Liverpool. This included former bank buildings and shipping line headquarters.

We peer through the windows while perched on the steps of the stunning India Buildings as they tell the gruesome tale of the cleaner who slaved away on the steps. If you thought you were going on a tour that you weren’t going to be involved in, then you are very wrong indeed… and that’s all I’ll say.

The Church Gardens at the return of Shiverpool friends

We pass Ma Boyle’s and into Our Lady and Saint Nicholas Church Gardens… an incredibly eerie part of Liverpool when it’s freezing cold and dark.

The convoy and I were educated on the meaning of the two iconic Liver Birds, with demonstrations of course.. which included myself (ARGH.) 

You can actually see THREE Liver birds from this garden. If you find the third, tag us in a pic!

There was also some tying up involved, a visit from a few spooktacular guests and an interesting rendition of ‘Ring a Ring a Roses’ in this garden before we moved on.

Side note: Ma Boyle’s is a great place for a bevy and they even do a special deal with Shiverpool that includes a pre-tour meal!

More friends and tales

We left the gardens only to be greeted by more of Shiverpool’s friends that they claim to ‘know nothing about’ – We managed to get the below video as a little snippet of what to expect on the tour, scroll down for the video!

We also found out that this piece of art is by the notorious B, Banksy. Which was a nice little anecdote to the tour.

Banksy Heart, Liverpool

I’d also like to add that the theatrical element of this tour absolutely makes it. The three characters taking the tour were in character from the off, right until we left 62 Castle Street, where the tour ends. They were prancing around, sneaking up on people, wicked laughter and telling tales of Liverpool and its former ways.

Exchange Flags and more role play

We gathered in the entrance of Exchange Flags, where customers from the nearby restaurant looked on in awe as our three characters sprung into another story.

Exchange Flags on the Shiverpool Tour

As we headed through Exchange Flags, we were told about the benefit of ‘rubbing the pineapples’ – See if you can spot them when you pass through.


We headed back down Castle Street towards the hotel and former bank building, 62 Castle Street. This is when we got to go underground and explore the original bank vaults.

This included, teeny steep, spiralling stair cases and 100% no phone signal. Candles and torches lit our way through the narrow corridors of the vaults, splats of blood and hand prints decorated the walls. Again, plenty of screams echoed throughout the entire experience.

This was definitely the scariest bit.

Throughout the tour I was determined not to jump, squeal or even admit that I was a little bit spooked. This time, it was a little bit harder… quite a bit harder.

This bit was a little bit like ‘Most Haunted’ actually, no torches were allowed at one point 😰. Plenty of noises, crashes and screams.

That is now for what happened on the tour, because we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Here's a sneaky peek video.. P.S it was dark and I'm no professional but we think you get an idea of what goes on!

The Informative Bit

Shiverpool is an award-winning theatrical led ghost and history tour. The tours seek to explore the city’s most famous locations and reveal their fascinating hidden histories and mysteries.

Currently Shiverpool runs a number of tours, Hope Street Shivers, The Shiverpool Ghost Bus Tour, Hidden Histories and Auld City Shivers - which is the tour we embarked on! The Auld City Shivers tour is ending soon to make way for something brand new. We’ve not been allowed details yet, but we’ll be all over it as soon as we hear!

You can book tours online here.


Shiverpool Historic Ghost Walks
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Shiverpool Historic Ghost Walks

Shiverpool's guided walk blends street theatre, dark humour and sinister tales to reveal liverpool's hidden mysteries and supernatural secrets.


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