Bumblebees have seen their numbers dwindle over the past decade but in Liverpool their stock is rising. Hyperlocal honey brands are springing up across the city.

Beekeeper Andrew Hubbard is just one of this new generation of beekeepers. His “postcode honey” is beautifully labelled depending on where the hives are located. L25, L8 or L12 this is how you can spread honey from your own neighbourhood on your morning toast. It turns the idea of shopping local completely on it’s head. You can follow him on Twitter here.

There’s also Scouse Honey, a family run business. Senior Beekeeper Ged Bates and beekeeper Mike Bates have apiaries in several locations across the city. They choose them carefully – all focus in on keeping the bees happy – and they select places with loads of different flowers all year round so our striped friends are kept buzzing.

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At Scouse Honey the message is clear, bees are vital to the food chain and by bringing th them into the centre of the city it’s helping people have a greater understanding of the food chain and how food gets from seed to the plate. You can buy Scouse Honey online and you can also buy Scouse Honey soap.

Meanwhile Liverpool’s two Cathedrals are working together to make and sell honey from beehives located within their own grounds. The Beekeeper John Moran has an interest in conversation and had the idea of the Cathedral beehives when he walked along Hope Street. The Honey Bee Project was established by Moran and fellow teacher Mike Hewlett in 2011 to teach people about bees and try to halt decline of bee numbers.

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The bees who’ve called the Cathedral hives home are of strong stock; they survived last year’s bitterly cold winter and their honey is now on sale in the two Cathedral shops>

Scouse proud bees; now that’s something to drone on about! (sorry).



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