Call yourself a true Beatles fan? If you haven’t been to Liverpool until now – tell me why?

No Beatles fan can leave Liverpool unturned, and this 2-day pilgrimage to the city where it all began for those four boys is about to knock your mop-tops off. Follow the lyrics and the tracks below to unravel the ultimate Beatles tour.

You’re guaranteed to be saying “I’ll Be Back”.


Revolver (1966)

Hard Day’s Night Hotel

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The Beatles adventure must start where you lay your head, and that place must be at Hard Days Night Hotel – the world’s only Beatles inspired hotel. Make like McCartney or Lennon in their own exclusive rooms, and step down to the Blakes Restaurant downstairs to dine under original Beatles artworks.

For more accommodation options (not all are Beatles themed, sorry!), head here


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

The Beatles' Childhood Homes: Mendips & 20 Forthlin Road

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For an extra special look inside lives of McCartney and Lennon, a combined escorted tour of Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road should not go amiss. This is your opportunity to explore where the Fab Four met, composed and rehearsed many of their earliest songs. Cool, eh?


Brasco Lounge

Okay granted, this might be the least Beatles-inspired element of the whole trip, but it’s still a goodie nonetheless. When stomachs call, we think Brasco Lounge located on Mann Island should do the trick. Tapas, burgers, sandwiches and delicious puddings's just adorable.


Beatles For Sale (1964)

Liverpool Waterfront

There's plenty of things to do & see on our waterfront but here's our top picks:

Museum of Liverpool

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The Museum of Liverpool houses more than 6,000 objects that bring Liverpool’s incredible heritage to life, celebrating thousands of years of the city’s achievements. Some of those objects? Beatles stuff. We highly recommend taking a look around the whole museum though too. 

The Beatles Statue

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Since Liverpool's new Beatles sculpture was unveiled, the sight of 'The Beatles' once again walking along Liverpool's Waterfront entrances everyone that sees it. Become the fifth Beatle or simply take a shot of the four of them that you can post on EVERY single social media account you've got. Make your friends jealous. 

Here's some extra facts about the statue. 

Watching the Sunset 

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Because, well...why wouldn't you?


Philharmonic Dining Rooms

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A favourite pub of Lennon's and one of the most decadent you'll probably ever see. Proper pub grub is what you'll find here. and plenty of Scouse charm. Lennon loved this place so much he even said, when asked about the price of fame: “Not being able to buy a pint at the Phil.” It even features the only Grade II listed men’s toilets in the country, which you can see here in all its glory. 


Beatles For Sale (1964)

The Jacaranda: 'The Jac'

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It's an iconic club to say the least. The Beatles' first manager, Allan Williams, used to own this bar/pub/club/record hub & its famous for hosting The Beatles when they originally met. Word has it that Allan made a deal where Lennon & Stuart Sutcliffe would decorate the basement in eturn for using the space as a rehearsal studio...

Here you'll find one of the best nights out. Live Music is phenomenal and on the off-chance you get there when noone is playing, the Jukebox in the corner should sort that out. 

But let's get one thing straight - it's not really The Jacaranda, it's 'The Jac'. Okay?


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

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Rise & shine - it's the second day of the best Beatles Itinerary in the WORLD! Let's get started.


Help! (1965)

Magical Mystery Tour

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This two-hour bus trip extravaganza transports you through a Beatle-infused world as you travel to Liverpool’s various Beatles landmarks, like Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields (ah!). All we’re saying is get your phone or camera fully charged, or you’ll regret it.


Bill's Restaurant

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Just across from the Albert Dock, pop in & grab a bite to each at Bill's. They serve up reallyy tasty stuff - anything from curry and steak to salads and skewers. Book in advance just to make sure you get a table (it's in a good spot).


Please Please Me (1963)

The Beatles Story 

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The ultimate dedication to the Fab Four on the whole planet. Follow John, Paul, George and Ringo from their early beginnings of The Quarrymen, to the global Beatlemania that swept throughout the world, and beyond. Where else can you see the original Strawberry Fields gate, take an underwater trip on the Yellow Submarine and see Brian Epstein’s cashmere coat? Only at this award-winning exhibition, that’s where.


Blake's Restaurant 

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Named after the legendary artist that is Sir Peter Blake, you'll not only find gorgeous food but wall-to-wall original Beatles artwork - including a mega centrepiece display of 60 images of icons from the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band's album sleeve. 


Please Please Me (1963)

Mathew Street

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The energy of The Beatles practically radiates from every inch of Mathew Street; so there's no surprise that you'll be spending your last night of revelry here. 

Take a wander down the historic street and you’ll be welcomed by street buskers and the sounds of the Cavern Club’s daily residents projecting through the speakers direct from the vaults of the underground club. Grab a drink here, definitely.

You'll also find the Cavern ‘wall of fame’ and a tribute statue of John Lennon that is on the selfies of many people all around the world. Grab a selfie, of course.

And why not head to The Grapes. One of the most famous Liverpool pubs where you’ll bump into anything from politicians to filmmakers, writers, artists and musicians, and get to sit at the exact table where the Fab 4 mulled over lyrics with a few drinks way back when.

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To find out more Beatle things to do, visit here. Enjoy! 

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Cavern Club
Public House/Bar
Cavern Club

The legendary cellar that has seen seven incredible decades of music; the Cavern Club remains the beating heart of Liverpool’s iconic music scene.

The Beatles Story
The Beatles Story

The award-winning ‘The Beatles Story’ is the world’s largest permanent exhibition purely devoted to telling the story of The Beatles’ rise to fame, located in the band’s hometown of Liverpool.

Hard Days Night Hotel
Hard Days Night Hotel

This fantastic deluxe boutique hotel is a converted Grade II listed building, retaining all the character of its original form.

Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
Bus/Coach Tour
Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

See the sights and sounds of Beatles Liverpool on the Magical Mystery Tour, with entertaining commentary and music.

Mendips & 20 Forthlin Road (Beatles Childhood Homes)
Historic House/Palace
Mendips & 20 Forthlin Road (Beatles Childhood Homes)

Step inside the lives of a young Lennon and McCartney with this combined escorted tour of Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road – the childhood homes of John and Paul.

Cavern Quarter
The Cavern Club is the jewel in the crown of Cavern Quarter

As the name 'Cavern Quarter' suggests, this is the enricling streets of the world famous Cavern Club on Mathew Street.

Blakes Restaurant at Hard Days Night Hotel
Blakes Restaurant at Hard Days Night Hotel

Named after the celebrated pop artist Sir Peter Blake who created the iconic artwork for the Sgt Peppers album cover, the restaurant boasts wall- to- wall original Beatles artwork including a centrepiece display of 60 images of icons for the albums.


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