The International Business Festival is the world’s biggest business festival. Taking place in Liverpool this June.

The Festival attracts 30,000 international industry professionals ranging from SMEs to global market leaders. CEOs, MDs, Sole Traders and the decision makers. 

The festival is designed to deliver business growth, through the sharing of knowledge, insights and ideas. This share of knowledge enables the creation of new, lucrative connections within markets to secure future business. 

This event will host over 40 major global events from 12 - 28 June. The event programme has been curated around 9, high growth, industry themed days and has an impressive, but still growing programme of over 200 high-profile speakers. 

The industry themed days are

We’ve been working closely with the Business Festival since day one and we have been lucky enough to hear the announcements of new speakers and events in real-time. We’re going to talk about one particular element of the festival, The Future’s Stage. 

A platform designed to be both dynamic and lively in its setting. It allows global innovators, influencers and top industry experts to share ideas and inspiration. 

The Future’s stage debuted in 2016 as the ‘Blue Skies’ stage featuring keynote speakers and debates from a wide variety of global voices. 

Here’s 5 speakers taking to the futures stage that we can’t wait to hear from. 

Madeha Al Ajroush

Madeha is a psychotherapist, photographer and women’s rights campaigner living in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a country where women face many restrictions. Women need their male guardians permission for things such as marriage and divorce, travel, education, employment and opening a bank account, a concept that is alien to us in the UK. 

Madeha is the first published photographer in Saudi Arabia and has exhibited her work across the world. 

Madeha campaigned to lift the ban on women driving in Saudi, a ban which is to be lifted in June 2018. Madeha will investigate the personal and commercial impact that overturning this ban will have. 


19 June 2018
16:30 - 17:30

Adam Galloway

The youngest of speakers to be announced so far, Adam is a 19 year-old local tech entrepreneur from Liverpool. 

Adam is Managing Director of the digital agency he founded, Launchcode Digital. In late 2017, Adam became owner and director of a huge cryptocurrency mining company - cracking code to release different types of cryptocurrency. 

Adam will take to the futures stage for ‘Creative Destruction: Why disruptive thinking is good for all business’

The session looks to go beyond the buzzword ‘disruption’ and seek out the true agony and ecstasy of real life creative disruption. 

This session that will also feature Cat Lewis, CEO of Nine Lives Media, Jonathan Hammond of Unilever and Lou Cordwell OBE of magenticNorth is a must-see for those who are looking to re-light the creative fire, whether in themselves or in their relative businesses. 

27 June 2018
11:00 - 12:00


Juergen Maier

Appointed Chief Executive of the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe - Siemens - Juergen Maier is one of the ‘biggest’ on the list so far at this year’s business festival. A Captain of Industry. 

Juergen took up his position as CEO in 2014 after being a member of the Siemens UK Exec Board and holding senior roles within the company in both the UK and Germany. 

In 1986 Juergen joined Siemens on a sponsored graduate programme after gaining a BSc in production engineering. He has since gone on to be made an honorary professor of Engineering at the University of Manchester and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. 

Juergen will be on a response panel alongside Michael Parkinson of our own University of Liverpool discussing the themes and debate the problems raised by Lord Heseltine in the event ‘Lord Heseltine in conversation with host, Professor Parkinson.’ 

13 June 2018
11:00 - 11:45

Rosie Millard

In 2017, Hull was the second UK City of Culture after winning the title in 2013.

Hull UK City of Culture was set up as an independent company and charitable trust, in order to deliver a transformational power of culture. A team of people worked to deliver 365 days of transformative cultural activity in 2017. 

The aim being to place Hull as a staple city in the wider cultural offer of UK Northern Cities. 

Rosie Millard was the chair of Hull City of Culture, and is someone we’re particularly excited about hearing from, being a former European City of Culture in 2008. The £32.5M year had a transformational success on the waterfront town achieving 90% engagement amongst its residents.

Claire is now Chair of BBC Children in Need. A journalist, author and broadcaster. Claire will take to the Futures Stage for “Bidding for Legacy: What cultural and sporting events can do for your city.”

28 June 2018
10:40 - 12:00

Luke Ritchie

Luke Ritchie is Head of Innovation and Partnerships and Philharmonia Orchestra. The Philharmonia Orchestra is a world-class symphony orchestra that homes in Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall. A residence for the orchestra since 1995.  

Luke takes orchestras to the next level by working in a dedicated Digital department that uses tech to connect with a growing audience. The team aims to connect with audiences outside of the traditional. 

Alongside Principal Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen, the team has created a range of cutting-edge projects, from iPad apps, to interactive web documentaries, from its large-scale installations to touring musical trucks, from an extension video collection through to Virtual Reality. 

On June 28, Ritchie will join Ben Smith, CEO of Laduma and Eleanor Whitley, Executive Producer at Marshmallow Laser Feast. These three VR gurus will step to the Futures Stage for “A Virtual Ringside Seat? VR, MR and AR in culture and sport?”

The three will discuss how they’re using tech to give people a ringside seat from the comfort of their living room. They’ll consider whether experience will be lost without a real audience and how mixed/augmented reality might enhance spectator participation. 

28 June 2018
15:30 - 16:30 

Break new ground with the Business Festival from 12 - 28 June and aim ever higher in the pursuit of new business growth. 

Visit the website now to register. 

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