A bottomless brunch sounds great, right? Add a load of pugs running around & giant rainbow poop and it makes it even better! We recently went down to Love Thy Neighbour as they hosted Three UK's ‘All You Can Pug Brunch’. Here’s what went down…

1. Pugs got to sip on their very own PAWSECCO

Have you ever seen anything so cute? While the adults got to sip on the real stuff the dogs got to have a taste of a non-alcoholic, safe version for themselves!

2. Pugs just want to be butterflies

Yep, that’s a pug dressed up like a butterfly, also know as a ‘puggerfly’. If you can’t decide which animal you like most, why not have them both rolled into one?

3. There was giant rainbow poop everywhere

Normal poop just isn’t cool anymore - it’s all about the rainbow coloured ones! We even got to take one home as a special gift and now it’s brightening up our day whilst sat on our desk.

4. The food for humans was delicious

Love Thy Neighbour serve up some delicious food - we went for the full English along with a glass of prosecco. Fresh pastries and a berry blast smoothie bowl were also served, if you had room!

5. There was also amazing treats for the dogs

DOGNUTS - aka. Donuts for dogs. Biscuits. Cupcakes. We were pretty jealous!

6. Pugs are just the most adorable dogs in the world

Just look at that adorable face! To all pugs out there, please keep doing what you do best, being pugs!


This blog has been written by Stefan Price, Digital Marketing Assistant for Marketing Liverpool. Stefan looks after digital activity across Marketing Liverpool/ Visit Liverpool and runs the its Liverpool social channels!
Stefan is 19 years old and is from Liverpool. He loves all things to do with cruises, shopping and the odd Gin and Elderflower!