The Little Girl Giant, Xolo the dog and The Diver giant about to sail away in 2012

We can finally say it. The Giants are coming back in 2018.

It has been one of the most speculated events of 2018, but now we can confirm that Royal De Luxe, the world's leading street theatre company, will return in October for the final trilogy of the Giant Spectacular. 

The Giants and Liverpool 

Sea Odyssey

The Giants made their first visit to Liverpool with 'Sea Odyssey' in 2012. A story inspired by the sinking of the Titanic, starring the adventures of the Little Girl Giant, her playful canine friend, Xolo and the Diver. In 2012, the Giants attracted 800,000 onto Liverpool's streets to watch the incredible performance unfold. 

Spectators were wowed by the Diver who rose from the dock, making his way through the narrow road on Castle Street. Xolo the dog, interacted with youngsters who lined the paveways. There was the endearing moment when the Little Girl sat on the lap of the Diver outside the Echo Arena. It ended with all three Giants sailing away together. 

The Diver Giant walking through Castle Street in 2012

Memories of August 1914

The Giant Spectacular made its return to Liverpool 2014 for 'Memories of August 1914.' This year, the Giants were joined by the Grandmother, whose stories told through sound brought to life the impact of preparations of WWI had on Liverpool. 2014s event is widely regarded as Liverpool's biggest ever event, as 1 MILLION people turned out to see the spectacle.

2014 saw the Grandmother sleeping in the Great Hall at St George's Hall, where visitors could go in and see her and hear her make some ...interesting noises. Two lucky little girls got to ride on the back of Xolo and families and youngsters took to the windows of their homes displaying homemade signs, welcoming back the Giants. One of our favourite pictures from 2014, is of a young girl dressed as her favourite Giant, the Little Girl. 

The Grandmother Giant walks passed crowds in front of the Liver Building

Liverpool's Dream

In 2018, The Giants will visit Liverpool for a final hurrah lasting 4 days. From Thursday 4 October to Sunday 7 October. Although the theme is still being held mystery, the 4 day extravaganza will centre around "Liverpool's Dream." - With relevance to Liverpool's cultural renaissance, that the city could have only dreamed of. 

This year, the Giants will be in both Liverpool and Wirral. The route and full story remains underwraps for now, but we have absolutely no doubt that this event is something that you must see in your lifetime. 

About the Giants 

Founded in 1979, by Jean-Luc Courcoult and based in Nantes, Royal De Luxe is seen as a pioneer creating original theatrical forms. The ethos of Jean Luc Courcoult is that theatre should be accessible and free for anyone and everyone - which is why the Giant Spectacular has and always will be free. 

Jean Luc Courcoult said

"We love Liverpool and can't wait to return."

"The welcome we receive from the people of the city warms our hearts and we are excited about not only bringing a brand new story to Liverpool, but also exploring beautiful Wirral for the first time."

"As it will be our last Giant show here, we think it will be very special and we hope people will enjoy our final farewell to the city which is our second home."

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