Fan of pizza? Fan of the Beatles? Crazy Pedros have got the perfection creation for you - Sgt. Pepperoni's Lonely Hearts Club Band!

Liverpool is a city known for doing things first, it's kind of in our DNA. Britain's first public art gallery, the first subscription library in England and the world's first commerical wet dock. Now, say hello to the very first Sgt. Pepperoni's Lonely Heart Club Band pizza!

What is it?

The clue is kind of in the name - it includes pepperoni. Lots of pepperoni. Four different types, to be exact. Each one represents a member of the band...

Pepperoni-Madeo chilli
Napoli Salami Picante
Napoli Pepperoni Picante

What's it for?

There's a pretty good reason, actually. Crazy Pedros and The Beatles Story have joined forces to help support The Salvation Army in raising funds for the iconci Strawberry Fields site, which helped inside the Beatles song "Strawberry Fields Forever".

The Salvation Army have big plans for Strawberry Fields. When John Lennon was growing up in Liverpool, Strawberry Field was once The Salvation Army Children's Home. Now, they want to transform the site to create a brand new training and workplace hub, as well as returning the originial, famous red gates for the public to enjoy.

How is a pizza going to help?

Not only will you get to enjoy one of the best pizzas ever (in our opinion), you'll be eating it knowing that 50p has gone to the Strawberry Field Regeneration Fund. Win-win!

Give pizza a chance

So, Liverpool, get out there, enjoy some delicious pizza and help an incredible cause. Share your snaps with us on social media using the #itsliverpool - promise we won't get jealous!


This blog has been written by Stefan Price, Digital Marketing Assistant for Marketing Liverpool. Stefan looks after digital activity across Marketing Liverpool/ Visit Liverpool and runs the its Liverpool social channels!
Stefan is 19 years old and is from Liverpool. He loves all things to do with cruises, shopping and the odd Gin and Elderflower!


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Strawberry Field
Historic Site
The Strawberry Field gates are adorned with tributes to the Fab Four.

Strawberry Field, a former Salvation Army children's home in the Liverpool suburb of Woolton, is a famous landmark relating to The Beatles in the city.

The Beatles Story
The Beatles Story

The award-winning ‘The Beatles Story’ is the world’s largest permanent exhibition purely devoted to telling the story of The Beatles’ rise to fame, located in the band’s hometown of Liverpool.