First thing’s first…Welcome to Liverpool! You’ve had the summer off to recuperate but now you’re starting at university, the hard work will really begin. Well, almost.

Be excited. Be very, very excited; you’ve seriously picked one of the best cities to be a student; we’ve got great music, great art, plenty of indie places to grab a coffee, buy some vinyl and of course, tonnes of friendly people to help you feel right at home.

Whatever your new neighbourhood is, we’ve got the guide for you. Just scroll down to find yours and get the good times rolling!

The City Centre 

If you’re lucky enough to land right in the centre of all the action. That goes for Halls such as Grand Central, North Western Hall, Marybone 1, 2 & 3, The Glassworks, Vita Student, Dover Court, Europa and Liberty Prospect Point

Your nearest shop

It’s the city centre, so there’s no shortage of places to buy a pint of milk. That being said, Bold Street’s newsagents have the perfect blend of cupboard necessities, snacks, good magazine collection and glow up jewellery; and just because it’s THE coolest street.

It's me

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There’s tonnes of supermarkets like Tesco’s (across the road from Marybone) and Sainsbury’s (just across the way from Lime Street by Grand Central), and ALDI (at the bottom of St Johns Shopping Centre) too, so doing a ‘big shop’ won’t mean trapesing around for hours either.

Your nearest place for a pint/cocktail/wine

Newington Temple

Best For: A chilled chin-wag over a pint

Just off Bold Street, Newington was given a refurb after changing hands last year – and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a swanky spot with an extortionate drinks menu. Think again – locals have classed it as a "cracking boozer with great beers, spirits and smiles" - as well as the "best jukebox in the world".


Best For: The cocktails are a winner, but we suggest leaving any ‘get to know your roommate’ chats for another bar – this one is for dancing.

Described as a ‘dive bar punk garage Americana’, it’s a tiny club-meets-bar that often does live performances upstairs on the weekends and gives you the feels as if you’re in a New York Soho-esque joint. Dance like noones watching, because they’re too immersed in their own boogying anyway.

The Grapes

Best For: The Fab 4 Fans out there.

I still can feel #Beatles here!

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If one of the reasons you chose Liverpool is because you’re a huge Beatles fan, firstly - you won't be alone. Secondly, you can’t afford to pass up a pint here. One of the most famous Liverpool pubs where you’ll bump into anything from politicians to filmmakers, writers, artists and musicians, and get to sit at the exact table where the Fab 4 mulled over lyrics with a few drinks way back when.

The Jacaranda

Best For: Vinyl spinning

The Jac is another of legendary bar with a rich history; The Beatles were frequent customers and actually ended up redecorating the place in return for them using the basement as a rehearsal studio. Now, you can head into the top floor, buy a drink and spin some vinyl at your table in the record shop. Who’d have thought it?

Kazimier Garden

Best For: Lazy days in the sun and wild nights under the moon

#KazimierGarden #Liverpool

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For a botanical experience nestled in the heart of the city, you’ve got to find Kazimier Garden. Best for alternative music, leisurely catchups and the mulled wine at Christmas time is to die for (only 3 months to go…)

And of course, there’s the rest of Seel Street.

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Haven’t heard of it? You won’t ever forget it once you go once. Try Heebie Jeebie’s for boogying, La'go for cheap drinks and The Merchant to satisfy the late-night pizza cravings that you’re bound to get on your Seel Street journey.

For more ideas on where to go to have your introductory pint once you get to Liverpool, check out our favourite bars.

Your nearest eats

You’ll find that food isn’t hugely expensive in Liverpool whether it’s the city or the suburbs, so prepare to be eating out A LOT.


Best for: Tapas; Indian-style

*insert happy food dance

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We’ve yet to hear a bad word said about Mowgli – the Indian street food King taking over the North West. With places on Bold Street and Water Street, you’re about to become completely addicted to their chat bombs (and you’ll have us to thank for it).


Best for: Pizza, pasta and just lots of carbs

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‘Best Pizza in England’ winners Amalia pair their generous and hearty portions of real home-made Italian food with a terrace surrounded by green lollipop trees. The food is out of this world – just make sure you get three courses or you’ll regret it.

Nolita Cantina

Best for: American junk food (minus the ‘junk’)

Get ready for frickles, fralepinos and a fricken good time. Homemade American style food as the name of the game here, but you won’t be finding any junk food – just plenty of food just like ma would make.


Best For: Japanese-inspired small plates, and sushi that won't cost you a leg

Relatively new kid on the block Izakaya has proved that good sushi doesn't need to be super expensive. It's a cool and airy vibe in here, with a vegan menu too, and you can even take some home if you're feeling a bit delicate - their bento boxes and lunch deals make it highly acceptable to do so. We repeat: 20% off Tuesdays, 20% off Tuesdays.

Bold Street Coffee

Best for:...Coffee?

There’s absolutely nowhere else you should go for a cup of joe. Every-single-time. 

Your nearest place to get out a tenner

It’s a city centre, there’s no shortage of places to get money out if it’s your round. While pretty much everywhere allows you to pay on card, you can never be too sure if you go to some of the smaller independent shops and eateries.

Your best bets are:

Top of Church Street

Bottom and top of Bold Street

Central & Lime Street Station

Slater Street

Where to chill out

Living in a bustling city means sometimes you need to relax and get away from it all, but it really isn’t too hard to find your ideal chill spot either.

For a catch up with *new* mates

Filter + Fox

Graduations keeping us busy this evening! Pop in for your celebrations 👩🏼‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓

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Café, bar, hangout – whatever you want to call it, the little hub on Duke Street is pulsing with chatter and the smell of coffee beans. Trade your coffee for a wine in the evening and you’ll be making your ‘catch up’ a fully-fledged day out.

For ultimate reflection time

The Bluecoat Garden

It can be daunting spending your whole time in the city if you’re not always used to it. But no fear, The Bluecoat garden is here – taking care of all your botanical breathing needs. Head to their central courtyard to feel revitalized for the week ahead.

For the creatives



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Not only does it have a cafe downstairs, The Garden at FACT, and a bar upstairs (both have Wifi) you can mooch around the galleries and see some of the best digital art in the world. FACT is also home to a Picturehouse cinema, which offers a discount for students, so dive into a screen and watch some of the finest arthouse, contemporary and world cinema.

For vintage finds

Pillbox Vintage 

We know what you'll be doing on every Saturday of every month - rummaging through the finest vintage wares at the Shipping Forecast. Grab your men and women’s vintage/retro clothing, recustomised vintage/retro fashions, jewellery, accessories, homeware /collectables and retro inspired cakes and bakes from Pillbox Vintage; because good news! You can make use of your newly-acquired student discount. Woo.

…And if you just can’t stay away from the books

Central Library

Okay, it’s still a library but it’s not your usual Uni one, and it’s just so incredibly beautiful. Free access to internet and SO. MANY. BOOKS. To get the full experience, make a beeline for the Picton Reading Room, and don’t forget to take a picture of the spiral staircase.

South Liverpool: 

Smithdown Road, Mossley Hill, Kensington, Allerton, Lark Lane

beer garden viewz (of smithdown)

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You’ll be a new roomie at either Greenbank Halls, Europa Fresh Student Living, Albert Court, Derwent Students, Crown Place or Carna.

Your nearest corner shop

Because the south of the city is largely residential, you’ll find corner shops all along Smithdown Road, Holt Road and also Wavertree High Street and everything from Asda in Smithdown to Tesco Metro in Wavertree for big shops.

Purple Carrot on Smithdown Road has the best vegan, health and organic foods you can stock up on to keep healthy, and if you’re ever on the way to an afternoon lecture, stop off at Millennium Munchies and pick up a buttie. We reckon you’ll be spending a good deal of time here over the next 3 years so best to get your hunger pangs acquainted early.

Your nearest place for a pint/cocktail/wine

South Liverpool has plenty of places to cater for its bustling student population – whether that be beats, bars or brewery’s, everyone seems to be a winner round here when it comes to a night out.

Kelly’s Dispensary 

Best For: Good ol’ Irish Craic

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Blink and you’ll miss it; Kelly’s has good beer, good prices and the friendliest faces this side of the Irish Sea. Always a favourite with the largely Irish locals, stop off on Sunday’s to witness a traditional Irish session - you’ll be hooked in no time.

Penny Lane Wine Bar 

Best For: ‘A Beatlemania-infused suburban watering hole’

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It ain’t the most glamorous, but it’s got all the character you could want in your new local. With a small courtyard out the back that acts as a suntrap on a sunny day, grab yourself a cold one and relax amongst the Beatles albums and memorabilia hoisted up along the brick walls.

The Handyman's Supermarket

Best For: Cask Ales & Movie Buffs

Literally a former ‘Handyman’s Supermarket’, the yellow shop front is practically an Allerton institution; now brought back to its former glory as a pub, microbrewery and occasional cinema. It’s still brand, spanking new in July, so you’ll be the first student population to adore it. Expect cask ales, cool music and a lifelong love for former Handymen.

Keith’s Wine Bar 

Best For: Bohemian Vibes

Another Liverpool institution you can check off the list, Keith’s shabby chic was at one time accidental, but now, it's attracted the trendy bunch for far and wide. Rickety and a bit mismatched, but it adds to the charm - pull up a chair, purchase a bottle of the reasonably placed house red and get chatting to your new neighbours.

The Other Place 

Best For: Live Music

Where's this snow we were promised? Live music tonight from 8 with Daniel Saleh followed by Joe Slater till late!

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Live music, live sports, 70s disco and gin garden, no one can say no to The Other Place. This is just one of the places where there is no better atmosphere. Their live acts aren’t your run of the mill either; they’re super talented, and the retro decoration and the excellent selection of cocktails doesn’t go amiss either.

Where to eat

Tavern Co.

Best For: Breakfast/Brunch Goodness

#breakfast at the @TavernCo never lets you down. Sublime! #yummy #pancakes #fullenglish #brunch #foodstagram #igeats #tavern

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Two-time winner of the best UK breakfast award, their full english consists of two specialist sausages, made to the owner’s own recipe, lean back bacon, egg, grilled tomato, black pudding, mushrooms and baked beans together with extra thick sliced toast, made with fresh locally baked bread. Ps. Don’t expect to not be in a queue if you make it here any later than midday.

Meat Factory

Best For: ...Meat!

Saturday night! What'll it be? 🍴😋

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Everyone needs a dose of American comfort food when they’re away from home. Order their signature “Brooklyn Big Ass” to save you having to eat anything for the foreseeable future - plus it tastes sooo good, how?!

Yo’s Restaurant

Best For: The Best Chinese Banquets in the West

每月必吃的陕西菜 今天是凉皮儿肉夹馍酸梅汤 嘿嘿嘿 #liangpi #roujiamo

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Being a real favourite for Chinese students in the area, you can tell you must have hit the jackpot. Good prices and even better food, we’ve never heard of anyone leaving her dissatisfied. We recommend going all out and choosing the four course banquet - it’s under £16 so can be the perfect ‘first meal out’ with your new roomies.

Evil Eye

Best For: Beers & Burritos

Whether you had a rough night last night or you’re eager to get some tasty grub down you after a day hitting the books, Evil Eye’s burritos are the one. But don’t just come for lunch or a snack, stay all-day! With a random skeleton chilling in a hammock, it’d be rude not to...

Where to get a tenner

There’s practically a cash point down every round in this neighbourhood - it’s like they want you to spend your money or something?!

That goes for Smithdown, Kensington, the university campus, Lark Lane and Allerton Road. Send our apologies to your bank balance.

Where to chill out 

Being slightly out of the city certainly has it's perks - you won't be going far to feel a sense of peace, no matter what that might mean

For some idyllic greenery

Take your pick! Some of Liverpool's most beautiful parks are stationed here - Wavertree Playground (nicknamed The Mystery), Sefton Park, Wavertree Botanic Gardens and Stanley Park, we could go on. Take a picnic, go for a walk or jump on a CityBike, you'll thank us.

For a pancake/waffle/milkshake craving

The Interesting Eating Company

Yeah so you can get your sugar fix well and truly sorted here, and they welcome dogs. DOGS! Even if your halls or landlord hasn't let you keep a dog, just come here to indulge in the tranquility that only pooches can offer. 

For Bohemian Glamour at its finest

Mooshy La La's Attique

Even if you're not here for purchasing, the decadence of this place needs to be experienced if you find yourself becoming a local. Ran by 61 year old Sue Gannon Kendrick, you'll finf attire influenced by Barbara Hulanicki’s ‘BIBA’ of the late 60′s 70′s, & the hedonistic 20’s Jazz Age - perfect for costume parties.

The Anglican, Georgian Quarter, Baltic Triangle


You’ve probably shacked up in Philharmonic Court, Agnes Jones House, Melville Grove, Tudor Close or Cathedral Campus. Gear up because you’re going to love it!

Your nearest corner shop

For all of your necessities, head down Duke Street to the Mini Mart, Tesco Extra on Park Road or the ‘General Store’ on Hardman Street; and if you’re after some pre-drinks? Get to Euro wines on Berry Street!

Your nearest place for a pint/cocktail/wine

Now this neighbourhood has really seen a huge boost over the last years, making it the go-to area for after-study frolics. Relaxed pints and wile nights go hand-in-hand here, so get on board.

The Pen Factory

Best For: After class relaxation

Chatting contracts on Alhambra.

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Located on one of Liverpool’s best loved streets, The Pen Factory welcomes a plethora of students, lecturers and creative types - being just down the road from the Uni’s, the Phil and the Everyman. Pick a spot outside in their sutrap of a courtyard and soak it all up.

Camp & Furnace

Best For: A bit of everything - and events you wish you'd thought of


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Welcome to the jewel of The Baltic Triangle. Restaurants, bar, fanpark and cultural hangout, the overhauled warehouse of Camp & Furnace houses everything from Food Slam Fridays (where you can pick up the best street food) and Prosecco Festivals to the global phenomenon off Bongo’s Bingo. Trust us, this is about to be one of your favourite places on earth.

The Cambridge

Best For: A proper pub experience

Time for a quencher in this quaint little public house #liverpool #uk #thegreatbritishpub

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Yep, it’s a proper pub with proper beer - just what the doctor ordered after a long day *studying*. In the heart of the student district, you can expect to wiling plenty of hours away here but expect to be challenging at least one of your tutors to a game of darts; they tend to frequent here a lot too.

24 Kitchen Street

Best For: Staying out til the early hours

This converted Victorian industrial building according to The Guardian offers ‘a cosier experience to the usual warehouse space’, which is true, but you still get the full impact of a mad night out. If you like indie, electronic music and plenty of funky events, you should probably take a look at their Facebook.

Peter Kavanagh’s

Best For: Experiencing one of Liverpool’s most interesting pubs (and people)


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Completely rammed to the rafters with trinkets, ornaments, old photographs and even transistor radios, this hullaballoo of Liverpool quirkiness will have you amazed. Built in 1844, you’ll feel a real sense of old Liverpool - and still the never-changing friendliness of the punters and landlord that make this place extra special.

The Bagelry

Best For: Bagels!

There is always a place in our hearts - and this list - for anything to do with those lovely rings of dough. From American varieties to Jewish recipes and loads of gourmet and seasonal ones, make some room in your new Liverpool life for The Bagelry.

The Baltic Market

Best For: Street Food - lots of it

Still pretty fresh on the block, The Baltic Market specialising in bringing the best street food of the Liverpool independent eateries all under one roof. Fancy an Indian? No probs. Pizza? Check. Vegan and veggie junk food? You bet! This place will welcome you with open arms and you'll never see street food the same way (delicious delicious delicious). 

The Blackburne Pub & Eatery

Best For: Sunday Roasts

A stone’s throw from the University of Liverpool campus, people describe this roast as “legendary” - we can vouch for it. The menu changes each week and the bar offers a wide range of stocked beers and wines if you’re after a boozy affair plus, if it’s a nice day out there, the benches out front mean you can bask in the sunshine all day.

For more ideas on where to go on Sunday's, check out our list of heavenly roasts

Where to get money out

Duke Street, Hardman Street, Hope Street, Park Road and Myrtle Street all have cashpoints if you’re running low.

Where to chill out 

For sunny days 

St James Gardens

Channeling my inner Prof Geddes - Cathedral spam #gothicrevival #stjamesgardens #liverpoolcathedral

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Yep, these sunken, secluded cemetary gardens are a little oasis alongside Liverpool's magnificent Anglican Cathedral. Look past the tombstones on your way down to discover exactly why it's Grade I listed and a firm favourite for locals to relax. 

For some golf - ghetto-style

Ghetto Golf

Take in 18 holes of crazy golf, cocktails, street food and a DJ all under one roof. And seriously, we don't think you've ever seen a crazy golf set-up like this before - wacky is pretty much an understatement. It’s strictly for over 18s and you can book yourself a slot in advance, which means no hanging around and more time to get stuck in.

For shopping without the crowds

Red Brick Vintage

Okay, this is place is MASSIVE. It might even take you a whole month to get through it all but boy, you're going to look good when you're done - clothes, vinyls, chest of drawers, you name it. It's the perfect opportunity to visit the iconic Robert Cain's Brewery Building and nab a bit of retail therapy on a day off, and knowing its run by a family team, it's even better.


Unity Theatre

Once a synagogue, now a place where professional and local theatre companies come to provide a good time for us mere mortals. It's got a great track record of encouraging new writing and supporting new companies and the space feels intimate enough to make you feel like you could be watching it at home. Look at what's coming up here

So student, go forth, prosper and make your Uni experience one you'll look back on and think, 'that was BOSS!'

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She graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a 1st in English, after travelling around South East Asia.

In her spare time you’ll probably find her looking at food on Instagram, playing with her boyfriend’s dog and looking for her next potential holiday.


Victoria Gallery & Museum
Victoria Gallery & Museum

Home to the University of Liverpool’s rich and diverse art and heritage collections, the VG&M includes fine art, sculpture, skulls, skeletons and dinosaur footprints.

Liverpool Central Library & Record Office
Historic Site
Liverpool Central Library & Record Office

Liverpool Record Office, housed within the Central Library, collects, preserves, and makes available archives and printed material relating to all aspects of the history of Liverpool.

Bold Street
Bold Street
The Bluecoat
Arts Centre
Photo credit: Brian Roberts Photography

The Bluecoat showcases talent across all creative disciplines including visual art, music, literature, dance and live art, and nurtures new talent by providing studio spaces for artists within a unique creative community.