Bongos Bingo Brunch at Camp and Furnace

If you’ve been living in the real world for the last 3 years, then the chances are you’ll have heard of Bongo's Bingo.

If you’re asking ‘wtf is Bongo's Bingo’ - Then the only way I can think to describe this is A. Absolutely batsh*t crazy Bingo and B. The time of your life.

Think raves, men dressed as ‘absinthe fairies’, confetti, Henry Hoover, the Vengaboys, $hit prizes, boss prizes, dancing on tables and the odd *ExPLCiT* moment… courtesy of legendary Northern Irish host Jonny Bongo and his crew.

After starting in Liverpool, Bongo's Bingo has taken on the WORLD with regular dates in Ibiza, Dubai, Australia and in venues across the UK.

Now, they’re bringing a brand new excuse for a rave session, on a Sunday. BRUNCH. According to their description, it’s more tame than your regular BB, and you can even take your Ma!

We went along to see what it’s all about.

Bongo's Bingo... Brunch?!

We arrive outside the Camp and Furnace warehouse at around 12.20pm (On a SUNDAY) to a queue. In the queue, we had 20 year olds, 30 year olds, hen dos, 40th birthday parties, the LOT.

Inside, we picked up our bingo books, prize draw tickets and token for the first hour of free Prosecco (Sunday rules are already out the door. )

Inside, there’s rows and rows of tables all FULL. There’s twinkly fairy lights, fluffy hanging clouds, foliage surrounding the cocktail bar and neon lighting. We had a table right at the front next to the stage.. result.

We sat down to delicate looking delicious foods, courtesy of Liverpool’s Delifonseca. Mini bruschettas with hummus and avocado, mushroom frittata, mini pastries, oats, rice crispy cakes and cake pops. Is famously messy Bongo's Bingo gone and classy Bongo's Bingo Brunch here?!

Rice Crispy Cakes with Bongos Bingo toppers

Two of my guests were veggies and loved the fact that all the food on the table was meat-free, for meat eaters, mini sausage and bacon barms were brought round.. As well as top-ups to the Prosecco!

The doors opened at 12 with the first game of bingo at 2.30pm, giving us plenty of time to eat and get ready for the Bingo to begin.

Jess’ tip - The little strawberries on the cake stand are perfect for dropping into the prosecco. 🍓

The build-up is on

By about 1.15pm, the music was blaring and every last drop of prosecco had been rinsed. With another hour and fifteen before the Bingo began.. The bar was our calling. We headed back to the table with a PINT of Aperol Spritz and many other cocktail/beer concoctions.

Jonny Bongo was hopping up and down from the stage, Buckfast in hand (ew) getting the crowd going with some absolute sing-along bangers to accompany our cake pops and Aperol Spritz.

It wasn’t *quite* standing on bench time for us yet, but people were on their way there. When Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Unwritten’ came on, it was sing into cake-pop time, that’s for sure.


So, we got ourselves organised books and pens at the ready then BOOM. Two ‘lads’ dressed in some errrr, interesting outfits hop out from under the mixing desk. It’s ‘Slutty Susie’ and ‘Slutty Sue’ - OBVS.

During Slutty Susie and Slutty Sue’s incredible entrance, our fears of a classy BB instantly melted away. As the afternoon went on, we came to note two things about Slutty Susie and Slutty Sue. Number 1, they’re hilarious. Number 2, their amount of dancing must burn MlLLIONS of calories - How about a SS and SS exercise class?

Slutty Susie and Slutty Sue


Alright, so.. If you’ve been to Mecca before, this bit is kind of similar in that numbers come out thick and fast. However, that’s where the similarities end, so that was a lie.

Rave breaks, confetti cannons, Irish dancing, dance offs, CoCo Pop rain, incredible dancing from SS and SS and ‘EEEEEIGHT’* were what followed. It was a good job that the food and plates had been collected at this point - minus the few things we saved for later.

Food, Confetti, Honny Bongo and more at Bongos Bingo Brunch

*Just wait until 33 comes on the screen, (tirty tree.)* - Definitely, definitely stand on bench behaviour.

As you do in Bingo - I think, can’t say I have ever been - revellers play for a line, 2 lines and a full house with prizes available for each. Just don’t make an accidental false call, because if you do, be prepared for a hail of abuse by JB, SS and SS and the entire capacity of Camp and Furnace.

The Prizes

Ok, so my impression of Mecca Bingo is that you’ll probably see things such as a lawnmower, a steam iron and maybe a jackpot of around 10K on offer here. Bongo's Bingo, isn’t actually that different...

You’re looking at Apple Sourz, Jaegermeister, Coco Pops, a Henry Hoover, a Gemma Collins cardboard cut-out, a trip on the Amsterdam Bongo's Bingo Boat Party and a giant, blow-up, flailing armed, strange outdoor thing you tend to see outside car dealerships. (See below for a 3 second video.. I thought this explained it better. I also thought it was going to land on me, hence the video only being 3 seconds long.)

In between each game, there’s the chance to win, Ca$H. So don’t lose your yellow ticket. Soak it in ale, drop it on the floor, stick it to your mates head, just don’t lose it. The prizes started at 100 quid and went right up to a GRAND.

The Aftershow

Believe it or not, the party does NOT end after the last game of Bingo.. When all tables are inches thick in confetti, glow sticks strewn across the room, Coco Pops residing down tops and stuck in hair.

‘RELEASE THE BALLOONS’ - because Anton Powers (legendary Scouse DJ) was about to take to the stage. If it wasn’t already (it definitely was).. It is absolutely time for standing on bench behaviour now. 
Everyone had forgotten that it was Sunday and were having the time of their lives. Strangers were dancing with each-other and no one wanted it to end.

Image from the stage, during Anton Powers Set

The Verdict

This was absolutely, the best Sunday we have ever had. We LOVE the idea of bringing Bongo's Bingo to the day time. We LOVE the idea that actually we’re having a classy day out, when we’re fully aware that we’re not. We LOVE the first hour of free Prosecco. 

We didn’t want it to end. Despite the fact that we had sweat all of our make-up off and lost our voice from ‘EEEEEEIGHT.’

If you're interested in seeing more of our day, head to our instagram 'visitliverpool_' and check out our 'highlight' on Bongo's Bingo Brunch.

Would we take our Ma? Well, I believe that everyone needs to experience Bongo's Bingo Brunch at least once in their life.

Annabel, Amy and Jess at Bongos Bingo Brunch

How can I enjoy Bongo's Bingo Brunch?

To book, you need to be FAST as the tickets for Bongo's Bingo and Bongo's Bingo Brunch sell out as soon as they go on sale. Head to their website  and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for news on when the tickets drop. 

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