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Imagine: Delicious and super nutritious food delivered right to your desk πŸ˜€

Here’s the situation: Your boss wants a load of stats sitting in their inbox by 2pm and they asked you about half an hour ago. You’ve just come out of a meeting that’s ran over, you’ve got about 200 emails in your inbox and your desk looks like a danger zone. Oh and you’ve got a blog to write and put live by the end of the day. 

Last night you were busy watching Celeb BB so you didn’t have chance to make lunch (priorities) and now you’re too busy to pop out and get some. It’s looking like another cup of chemicals for lunch. 


The superheroes of lunch have arrived and they’re bringing sexy back… in the form of food - obvs. Large Bites, Super Salads, Small Bites, Sides and Snacks.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Spanish Chicken with Patatas Bravas, Beetroot & Feta Salad and The Moroccan … FOR LUNCH! πŸ˜

Who are these game-changers? Bite Club, that’s who. We spoke to those behind this genius idea. 

How did the whole idea start/ come about? 

The idea began with University of Liverpool graduate and MBA student Matthew Evans, who noticed a lack of diversity in the food options available to students, NHS staff and office workers across Liverpool.

This is where the idea of Bite Club began. Matthew wanted to create meals that were honestly healthy and not pumped with preservatives, additives or sugar and salt. Bite Club meals consist of some of the world’s healthiest superfood ingredients; which have massive nutritional benefits to help and improve people’s health and wellbeing. 

What is the link between productivity and lunch breaks?

“The brain works best with about 25 grams of glucose circulating in the blood stream — about the amount found in a banana.”

There are a myriad of articles and studies you can find saying the same thing. In fact, the Harvard Business Review, British Journal of Health Psychology and the World Health Organization have all reported it: what you eat (or don't) impacts your productivity.

According to Scientific American, your brain uses a whopping 20% of all the energy you consume over the course of the day - more energy than any other organ.

We all have something in common at lunchtime… we need to eat!

Lunch is one of the many decisions we make each day and the choice between a healthy or unhealthy lunch can offer a dilemma for many people. We believe that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring- so why let it be? That’s why we aim to create the most delicious and nutritious meals possible, without compromising on taste. Our meals are loaded with healthy ingredients that boost your energy levels- preventing the dreaded afternoon slump!

Having a Bite Club for lunch keeps you fuller for longer and stops you reaching for that sneaky snack.

How do you order Bite Club? πŸ“±

You can find BiteClub outlets at: 
University of Liverpool Sports & Fitness Centre (open to non-members)
Royal Hospital Foyer, Prescot Street
Broadgreen Hospital Foyer, Thomas Drive
Accelerator Building, Daulby Street

If you download the Mobile App you are able to pre-order your meal for collection at one of our outlets.

Do you cater for vegetarians? 

Yes! We are constantly expanding our vegetarian range and looking for new and exciting ways to create delicious plant-based options. All of our meals are mainly plant-based, which offers many health benefits for your body.

Brighten up your day with the colourful & delicious English Beetroot, Feta & Mixed Bean Salad πŸ₯— This scientifically designed meal is loaded with the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals needed to optimise your health and wellbeing 🀸‍♂️ _____________________________________ #liverpool #deliciouslynutritious #nutrition #honestlyhealthy #healthy #healthylifestyle #foodblog #healthyfood #liverpoolfood #liverpooldelivery #foodie #liverpoolfoodie #foodblog #liverpoolblog #quickandeasy #foodonthego #foodphotography #microbiome #wellness #wellnessblogger #cleaneating #cleanliving #healthconscious #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #nourishyourself #beetroot #beetrootsalad #feta

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We hear that there’s also breakfast…

We offer delicious (and nutritious) options for breakfast. Choose between a Fruit & Seeds Porridge Pot, Cranberry & Cinnamon Porridge Pot, Oat Pancakes with Yoghurt & Honey and Luxury Granola. All of our breakfast options contain a healthy source of oats, which are rich in healthy beta-glucan. This helps to reduce cholesterol and maintain blood-sugar levels.

Any exciting plans for the future?

We are excited to continue spreading the word of Bite Club across Liverpool and encourage everyone to follow a more healthy and balanced diet.

Download the BiteClub App now 

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