So we’re all hopelessly addicted to podcasts, right?  

Who doesn’t love the intimacy and convenience of listening to people who share our own eclectic tastes, interests and enthusiasms. And just as you’d expect, the crazy rise of podcasts is just as strong in Liverpool.

So, we’ve listed 5 of the best Liverpool podcasts to get under the skin of the city we love. The podcast revolution is here to stay!

The Anfield Wrap

First up, the wildly successful Anfield Wrap. Started by a group of mates and Liverpool fans, this is now a bona fide phenomenon with listeners and events around the world. A perfect storm of mates cracking jokes, straight-talking analysis and rambling about anything that catches their fancy. Hit me up.

Times Square, NYC 🇺🇸

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Sound of Music

Fast-talking Liverpool music legend Bernie Connor is at the helm of this free-wheeling musical journey. A veteran of Probe Records, the famed independent record label and store, Bernie’s eclectic mix has gained mythical status. From obscure 60s psychedelia, mysterious 80s Chicago house, to modern electronica. Expect the unexpected.

University of Liverpool Podcast 

Canadian journalist and producer, Neil Morrison is the host for this intelligent conversation with pioneering academics, authors and innovative thinkers from one of the UK’s top universities. Neil expertly brings us closer to the people responsible for life changing research and insights. Everything from the economic impact of The Beatles to experimental astrophysics.

The Quad today 😍 #LivUniFoundMyPlace

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The Blue Room

All the latest conversation and debate for the blue half of the city.  Everton fans can get their weekly fix of tactics, analysis and gossip with charismatic host Matt Jones. With a regular roster of informed, opinionated guests, this offshoot of the hugely popular website is one for the more discerning football fan.


Sean Styles Show

Strictly speaking not a podcast (episodes can be downloaded, so indulge us) but this daily BBC radio show is the perfect intro to scouse humour and identity. Hosted by quick witted Sean Styles (he’s a stand-up comic by night), it’s an easy-going authentic peek into the city’s personality. Plenty of laughs, classic playlist. 

So there we have it, Liverpool's top 5 podcasts all listed in one handy place. Have we missed any? Tweet us your suggestions to @itsliverpool and we'll take a look.