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In 2018, Royal De Luxe and the Giants will make their third and final visit to Liverpool. This time the Giants will be visiting in October and the theme is Liverpool's Dream. Which Giants are returning is now confirmed to be a Xolo the dog, the Giant and Little Boy Giant who has never been to the UK before.

This year's walking route is a whopping 20.6 miles and covers both Liverpool City and the Wirral. 

Thursday 4 October

Little Boy Giant

12pm - 11pm 

Little Boy Giant sleeps in St George's Hall. The public can visit the Little Boy.

Friday 5 October
Liverpool Giant Route - Little Boy Giant & Xolo 

10am – 1pm (approx)

The Giants will wake up 10am on St George’s Hall Plateau, walk to Lime Street, Renshaw Street, across St Luke’s Place onto Berry Street, Upper Duke Street, Catharine Street, across Upper Parliament Street onto Princes Road, Princes Gate West, Devonshire Road and into Princes Park where a siesta will take place.
4.15pm – 7.15pm (approx)
The Giants will wake up in Princes Park, walk to Devonshire Road, Princes Gate West, Princes Road, across Upper Parliament Street, Catharine Street, Canning Street, Upper Duke Street, Duke Street, Paradise Street, Liver Street, turn onto The Strand onto Queens Wharf for an evening sleep.

Wirral Giant Route - Giant

11.15am – 1pm (approx)

The Giant wakes up next to the lighthouse at Fort Perch Rock, walk along Marine Promenade, onto Coastal Drive towards Kings Parade to have a siesta.

3pm – 5.15pm (approx)

The Giant wakes up at The Dips, head along Kings Parade, Marine Promenade, Tower Promenade and Magazines Promenade.

Saturday 6 October
Little Boy Giant & Xolo

10am – 1pm (approx)

The Giants will wake up in Queens Wharf, onto Wapping, The Strand, Paradise Street, Hanover Street, Church Street, Whitechapel, Stanley Street across Victoria Street, Dale Street, Castle Street, Derby Square, James Street across The Strand to Mann Island where there will be a stop for
a siesta.

3.30pm – 5.45pm (approx)

The Giants will wake up at Mann Island, continue onto Canada Boulevard, Water Street, The Strand before making a u-turn returning onto The Strand, George’s Dock Gates where all Giants meet and continue onto New Quay, Bath Street, Waterloo Road and Clarence Dock for their evening sleep.


11am - 12.50pm (approx)

The Giant wakes up at Canning Dock, onto Salthouse Quay, The Strand, James Street, Castle Street, Dale Street, Crosshall Street, across Victoria Street, Whitechapel, St John’s Lane, St George’s Place, Lime Street, Elliot Street, Great Charlotte Street, Ranelagh Street, Church Street, Lord Street onto Derby Square where there will be a siesta.

3.50pm – 5.45pm (approx)

The Giant wakes up at Derby Square and continues onto Castle Street, Dale Street, Moorfields, Tithebarn Street, Chapel Street, George’s Dock Gates, where all Giants meet up and continue onto Bath Street, Waterloo Road and Clarence Dock for their evening sleep.

Sunday 7 October

All Giants

10.15am – 12pm (approx)

All Giants will leave via King Edward Street, George’s Dock Gates and onto The Strand. At this point one Giant will depart via The Docks. The remaining giants will continue along The Strand and onto Sefton Street where they will stop for a siesta.

Giants Final Parade

2.30pm – 4.00pm (approx)

All Giants will leave Sefton Street onto The Strand, Giants parade and bid farewell at Canning Dock.
Please note – all the times are approximations and there may be some slight changes
on the day.

Map of the Liverpool Giant Spectacular Route

An interactive version of the map is online, as well as a downloadable copy via Printed versions of the maps will be available at selected locations throughout the city region - a full list of these locations will be available via

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  1. Janwoo
    Booked to come to Liverpool for giants as thought Thursday to Saturday now Friday to Sunday already paid hotel and train fares
  2. Doll face
    This is an amazing event for all ages coming to Liverpool again. I’m looking forward to seeing them once again. And looking forward to the special event deals that Dockside Diner in Mann Island are putting on while the giants are there. Soooo excited 🤗🤗🤗
  3. Lancslass
    We had planned to come on the 4th, but now looks like nothing on until the 5th!! Why advertise that the event starts on the 4th when actually starts the next day. Very disappointed as we live over 50 miles away and not sure if we can all attend on the Friday
  4. Pedro21
    Well worth seeing! Don't know why? but it's very emotional.
  5. ToBoot
    Saw them in Liverpool on their last trip, just stunning! The work that goes into this whole even is so apparent. You can see the people working away alongside the giants making them come to life! Honestly not to be missed, felt like a dream so magical and as someone else mentioned above, emotional. 3 generations in my family witnessed this and we all felt the same.
    A truly beautiful emotive event. Don't miss it you will be sorry.
  6. AliAli
    Such a fantastic event, we saw it 4 years ago and vowed that if they returned we would be there! So excited to see them all!
    I notice that some people are saying that the event has been changed from starting on Thursday to Friday.. if you click on the link it lets you know that you can visit the Little Boy Giant at st George's hall on Thursday from 3pm where he will be sleeping in a hammock and that there is live music outside the hall from 7pm.
  7. Liverpool Lass
    Giant Spectacular from THURSDAY 4th to Sunday!! implies the SPECTACULAR event will be for the 4 days not just Friday to Sunday with Sunday being main event. This should have been advertised months back!
    My Liverpool Family from Australia on travels specifically diverted from their trip, paying xxx£hundreds to stop over for Thursday to Friday in liverpool just to see one new little boy!! Fuming isn't the word.
    Yes it will be great for me as I'm in Liverpool and can see every day but Thursday is obviously a PREP day and should never have been advertised as part of the event schedule. Thursday so called event is a A total 'oops and afterthought'
  8. Helen
    Hi, does anyone know:

    1. what giant is in Wirrel on Thurs eve?
    2. Will i be able to see the giant in New Brighton 'resting' on Thurs eve?
    3. Is there anything planned in NB Thurs eve like at georges?

    I can't do Friday as in Liverpool to see their giant as have to leave Liverpool 3pm and was told, 'as advertised', that Thursday was the Start of the spectacular not the Prep day! So I'm missing out :(

  9. Kerry
    Thursday is in princes park and liverpool football club , everton football club and tranmere ate all thete doing free coaching sessions for school children and the goal is a giants sandal l.
  10. Collie in liverpool
    We seen giants in 2014 and were fantastic. Not to be missed this year as sadly final visit. Cant wait until friday to see them again such a marvellous experience to see the work put into this spectacular event especially for the people of liverpool and visitors
  11. Bluewings
    What will Happen to the Giants when they return to France
  12. Lorna
    Massive thanks for this clear and simple article, we've referred to it each day and managed to see all the giants close up.

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