We laughed and we cried. We made memories to last a lifetime. The Giants final visit to Liverpool, and anywhere else in the world for that matter, was truly magical.

Around 1.3 million people came to see the giant spectacle that took over our city for 4 days and each and every one of them will have their own favourite moments. Here’s ours...

Xolo stole the show, again

Xolo has a very special bond with the people of Liverpool - this video is proof! He loves getting up close with the crowd and putting a smile on thousands of faces!

The crowds (and the sun) come out in force

There aren't many places in the world that shut off the city centre for a few days while giant marionettes roam around the city, Liverpool however, is one of those places. 1.3 million people took to the city’s streets to enjoy the amazing spectacular. 

Volunteers are the best

A show as big as the Giant Spectacular can’t go ahead without everyone's support - from the operations team to the emergency services, everyone has a part to play. However, the real show-stoppers were the amazing volunteers, or benevols as they’re known, all 230 of them!

It’s thirsty work being a giant dog

Even Xolo needed to enjoy a well earned drink every now and again! As he stopped to take a drink of water from huge barrels along the route the crowd went wild!

We all want to be a lilliputian

Imagine this was your job - getting to travel the world to control giants! It’s certainly no easy job, just look at how much jumping and pulling they have to do. Hats off to them!

Some very strange things popped up

Like this bus - cut in half with a butter knife. There was also a car parked outside the Bombed Out Church with a giant fork stuck through it. We’re still not sure why, but we don’t care - everyone, including us, seemed to love it!

It was full of surprises

There was a surprise on every corner, literally! But our favourite one has to be the moment Little Girl Giant came out for one final appearance - it was just magical!

The Giants will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Liverpool 💞. Share your photos with us on Twitter and tag us @visitliverpool.


This blog has been written by Stefan Price, Digital Marketing Assistant for Marketing Liverpool. Stefan looks after digital activity across Marketing Liverpool/ Visit Liverpool and runs the its Liverpool social channels!
Stefan is 20 years old and is from Liverpool. He loves all things to do with cruises, shopping and the odd Gin and Elderflower!