Vegan Roast Dinner and Festive Afternoon Tea at Malmaison

This Christmas, we've decided to turn to the Liverpool experts. The Locals. Everyones Christmas is different, unique and special in its own way. We all have our own 'magical moments' over the festive period.

If you're a foodie then Steph from Hungry Harriet is your gal. So we'll leave it to her. 

Would you believe me if I told you I was sat writing this article, on December 1st, after tucking into a cheeseboard, cheeks flushed from a double (triple) measure of Baileys? No because surely that would be too much of an insufferable festive cliché, right?

Wrong! Well, okay, I may very well be an insufferable festive cliché but from now until the 2nd of January, when it’s back to gloomy reality, everything that passes my lips better be spiced, cheese-based or come covered in an unapologetic amount of chocolate. 

If there’s anything I love more than Christmas, it’s Christmas food, drink and the gluttonous indulgence that comes part and parcel. So, when the seasonal menus are rolled out, the world becomes one gigantic, edible winter wonderland. 

I haven’t actually got any festive sojourns in the calendar this year so I’ll be making the very most of the Christmas food and drink my mother city of Liverpool has to offer. What’s so fab about Liverpool is that every year is, well, like Christmas all over again; there’s always something new, something different to try.

That said, I do have a few favourites that I tend to beeline for around this time of year…

Festive afternoon tea at the Liverpool Malmaison 

This one has definitely become a bit of a tradition amongst me and mine now. Heading down to the Chez Mal restaurant in the beautifully designed hotel which is equal parts cosy and industrial is the starting pistol which signifies the start of Christmas for me.

The Festive Afternoon Tea features everything from miniature yule logs and gingerbread snowmen to seasonal wraps and a glass of champagne on the side if you’re feeling fancy. It’s the perfect chance to treat your other half, catch up with the friends you swore you would see more but haven’t spoken to since summer or just enjoy some valuable QT with loved ones.

 Seasonal small plates at Maray

I have been known to gorge on so many pigs in blankets that I, myself, resembled a pig in a blanket for many months after. The best pig in a blanket I’ve ever had was at Maray on Bold Street and they were drowned in a thick, sticky treacle sauce that I haven’t stopped lusting after since. 

Luckily, the Tamarind Pigs in Blankets have made a comeback for Christmas 2018 at Maray after a torturous hiatus last year so you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there with bells on, jingling all the way home. I’ve also got my hungry eyes set firmly on some Roasted Parsnips with charcoal powder, and the Salted Chocolate & Bergamot tart. 

Dockleaf Sunday Roast Club

The festive period wouldn’t be very blinkin’ festive without roast dinners left, right and centre now would it? I like to make it my mission to track down another roast to add to my repertoire each year and 2018’s offering comes in the form of Dockleaf’s Sunday Roast Club. 

With a choice of meats and a delicious vegetarian offering, Dockleaf will have mums across the North West quaking in their Aunt Bessy’s packet mix that’s for sure. It’s a super cool venue too in the old Cain’s Brewery building just over the way from the Baltic Market. 

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Maray, right in the heart of Liverpool's independent quarter at the top of Bold Street.

The flagship site of Maray, right in the heart of Liverpool's independent quarter at the top of Bold Street.

Malmaison Liverpool
A large double bed with a cream cover and grey pillows with a window to the left with the Liver Building in view

Welcoming Liverbirds and culture vultures, this rare bird offers breathtaking Manhattan style with the twist of Mal.