A Brand New Tour of the Royal Liver Building 

For over 100 years, the Royal Liver Building had stood proud, a beacon for the city of Liverpool. Adorning the spires is Bertie and Bella the iconic Liver Birds. Bertie looks over the city and Bella looks out to sea. A tale goes that Bertie represents the men who worked away on the cargo ships looking towards home, watching over their family. 

Built in 1911, the Royal Liver Building has never before opened to the public. In 2019 this is about to change with a brand new attraction, Royal Liver Building 360. 

The Royal Liver Building Tour

In 2019 we are excited to say that a 70 minute tour of the iconic Royal Liver Building will open, taking visitors right to the top of one of the first ever skyscrapers. 

Visitors begin on the lower ground floor and take a trip to the 15th floor to incredible panoramic views of the city, on the 70 minute tour. 

The Tour in Detail 

Visitors will meet on the first floor visitor centre and take the lift to the tenth floor. While en route, a tour guide will tell historical stories of the iconic building complete with anecdotes.

When arriving on the 10th floor, visitors will catch their first glimpse of the breathtaking views across Liverpool. This will certainly be a photo stop opportunity. 

The Ascent

After having time to admire the views on floor 10, the ascent to the 15th floor begins. Visitors will carefully climb 124 steps, 71 of which are on a narrow spiral stone staircase. This means that any visitors with a fear of heights or confined spaces should consider these factors before continuing to floor 15. 

Digital Show

During the climb, visitors have the opportunity to become immersed in a world-class, digitally mapped sound and light experience inside the clock towers of the Liver Building. This experience will explain why the building is so culturally significant to Liverpool. It will bring to life the history of the Royal Liver Building with a captivating tale of Liverpool’s past and how a city full of culture, sport, history and music has made its mark on the world. 

Fifteenth Floor

When arriving on the fifteenth floor there’ll be an opportunity to catch your breath before it being taken away again by the 360 views of the Liverpool skyline. Look upwards and you’ll see the mythical Liver Birds (Bella and Bertie.)


The maximum number of visitors per tour is 14 and it is essential to pre-book online to ensure the desired date and time slot. Bookings are now being taken from May 2019 onwards.

The tour costs £15 for adults and £10 for children. 


Royal Liver Building 360
Royal Liver Building 360

For the first time in its 100+ year history, Royal Liver Building is unlocking its doors to the public and inviting you to explore its iconic history with a fully immersive experience.

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