We love seeing pictures of people exploring our wonderful city but Honey, I Shrunk Liverpool takes it to another level - ground level - so to speak. 

Taking their camera and tiny people out onto the streets of Liverpool, Honey, I Shrunk Liverpool, captures everything going on from every angle of the city. From famous landmarks, cobbles The Beatles used to roam to huge events - they don't miss a thing! We caught up with them to find out where they get their inspiration from and their favourite things about Liverpool.

Where did the idea for Honey, I Shrunk Liverpool come from?

I came up with the idea for Honey, I Shrunk Liverpool after taking pictures of Liverpool and realising I want to show a different, less serious side to the city. I’d seen ‘toy photography’ online and thought it would be interesting to try out. So, after a lot of research - and even more trial and error- I think I’ve found my unique style!

How do you go about taking your images?

I am always coming up with new ideas so I will use one of them or keep my eye on what’s going on around Liverpool and try and come up with something for that. Then I usually spend a few hours lying on the floor around town taking all the pictures.

Where do you get the tiny people and props from?

I get all my little people from eBay but I have just started making them myself to get exactly what I want out of my ideas, this is going to lead on to a lot of exciting things, I can’t wait!

Where are some of your favorite places to take photographs of in the city?

The Royal Albert Dock is my favourite place to take pictures of. It looks amazing in the day, at night and there is always something happening down there.

Do you have any favourite spots to hang out in Liverpool?

My favourite place would have to be the Baltic Market. I have also done a few of the Baltic Market Markets selling some prints and there is always such an amazing atmosphere. 

What’s your favourite thing about Liverpool?

The people! The amount of people I get to have conversations with while I am taking pictures or over Instagram keeps me going! I love making people smile with my pictures that’s the best feeling in the world.

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If you want to see more of Honey, I Shrunk Liverpool’s images of the city with a bit of a twist head over to their Instagram Account.

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The Royal Albert Dock
Heritage/Visitor Centre
Projection on the dock buildings at Albert Dock

Located on Liverpool’s incredible World Heritage Site waterfront, the Albert Dock structure features the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in the whole country.

Baltic Market
Cafe / Bar
The street revolution has come to Liverpool. All hail the Baltic Market this Christmas!

Liverpool's first ever street food market, Baltic Market situated on the redeveloped Caines Brewery site.