With breweries such as Neptune, Black Lodge and Love Lane operating in the city, Liverpool is fast becoming a destination for delicious, modern craft beer.

Sarah Hyde is an Institute of Beer & Distilling accredited Beer Sommelier and has just launched a series of beer tours in Liverpool under the UK Brewery Tours umbrella. 

The Microbrewery Experience Tour takes in some of the best venues within the Baltic Triangle. You’ll get to meet the brewers, sample beers and come face-to-face with the brewery equipment.

The Beer Tasting Tour focuses more on the beer itself, with a detailed tutored tasting session, going through beer styles, their provenance and the ingredients that make them.

“Some of the most exciting craft beer I’ve tried comes from Liverpool. This city truly has a beer culture worth shouting about. The people behind the scenes, the people brewing and serving the beer, they are some of the most passionate and welcoming people I have ever met.

There is no better time to leap into the beer scene in Liverpool, and I hope my tours can provide a robust introduction to craft beer. I don’t like to be pretentious, these tours are all about having fun, trying new flavours and meeting excellent people.

There are so many styles of beer out there, from light and herbal pilsners to dark and chocolatey stouts. As I always say, if you think you don’t like beer, you just haven’t found the style you like yet!” 

Find some of Sarah’s top beer tips are below ๐Ÿบ


Tucked away in Dale street, the Ship & Mitre truly caters to every taste, from an on-point pint of Guinness to something as rare as a rhubarb sour. It’s great to see such a diverse range of people under one roof, each being able to enjoy their own personal version of the “perfect pint”.

If your fave tipple is the other malt-based beverage, whisk(e)y, you’re catered for as well, with “Malt of the Month” specials and an extensive range of bottles to whet the appetite. The shelf is arranged so each bottle sits under its own flavour type - this gives you a good chance of scoring right the first time around.

The staff here are fanatically passionate about their beer and they’ll really take the time to help you find the drink you love. With 45 beer lines and countless bottles, it’s great to get a helping hand!
An extensive range of stalwart world beers and a very reasonably priced bottle shop ensures that this pub enjoys legendary status in the craft beer world.

Top tip: Go on a Wednesday, when free Scouse is available from the Galley Kitchen.


Flagship brews exclusively to the Ship & Mitre, so you will only find their beers on sale there. The range of beer that they manage to produce and sell in this pub alone is a testament to the quality of the beer and the status of the pub as a go-to venue.

On my last visit, I was lucky enough to talk to head brewer Joe Murphy. I was able to sample a fair range of the beers he brews and my favourite was a surprise to me - a Raspberry Pilsner, served chilled on keg. I don’t usually like raspberry flavoured beers, but this one was exceptional - it’s was fermented out dry, meaning that it wasn’t overly sweet, which is what I don’t normally like about raspberry beers.

I asked Joe why he loved the beer scene in Liverpool so much:

“It's the constant energy. Liverpool is a city of invention and reinvention, and so we often have little cuckoo breweries bubbling up to become bigger, or finding a niche whether that's sours in can or quality cask. Same with the pubs - South Liverpool is becoming a destination as the Baltic area goes from strength to strength.”


Just across the way from The Ship & Mitre is Dead Crafty. This bar is truly at the cutting edge of the craft beer scene. You’ll be sure to find some rare gems from across the pond as well as some incredibly delicious local beers on offer.

Dead Crafty has built up some impressive relationships over the 3 ½ years they have been open. They have hosted meet the brewer events, where brewers from across the globe have presented their beers and they’ve become a Stone Brewing Co., “Cornerstone” pub, which means they’ll get access ultra-rare beers from this cult-status brewery. 

With 20 kegs lines and countless bottles available, Dead Crafty have really bought a fresh edge to the beer offering in the city. This bar is like a portal into the hip world of craft beer and you can bet that whoever is behind the bar, they’ll help you navigate your way through it.


Tucked away in the Baltic Triangle, the Hobo Kiosk is a curiosity. As much as a museum and expression of the personality of owner Delia as a pub, this small but perfectly formed bar in the heart of the Baltic Triangle really acts as a hub for the people who call this area home.

Delia is truly the life and soul of the Baltic Triangle. Having lived in the area her whole life, she seems to know everyone and her tiny bar welcomes all. 

The bar offers a range of mostly local beers, with some even brewed especially for the bar as a collaboration with local breweries.

The Hobo Kiosk is an ultra-cosy hangout. There may be no windows, but the pool lighting from the eclectic lamps and light fittings makes you feel warm no matter the weather outside.

There is a stack of board games to keep you entertained and you’ll be guaranteed to get into a conversation with someone, even if you pop in there on your own.

It’s one of those places that truly embodies the spirit of the “local”. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve known everyone there your whole life.


Another hidden gem of the Baltic Triangle - this amazing brewery has just settled into its new home - an ex Italian food distribution warehouse. 

The beers on offer here are of exceptional quality. Mostly hop forward, it’s all straight from the brewery, guaranteeing a zingy freshness no matter what beer you go for.

We bring our Microbrewery Experience tour here and it’s great to be sat in the heart of the brewery where you can see the small, cedarwood kit the brewery started on, dwarfed by the ultra-modern stainless steel fermentation vessels that have just been installed.

During the summer, the outdoor space is a blessing, with pub benches out the front of the brewery. Follow Black Lodge on social media to keep up-to-date with their plans for this expansive space. 

UK Brewery Tours Liverpool have just launched their specialist craft beer tours in Liverpool. Go to www.liverpoolbrewerytours.com for more information. Private bookings and experiences can be arranged on request. 

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