As lockdown measures ease across the country, we’re all looking forward to heading out to our favourite pubs, bars, restaurants, attractions and stores in Liverpool.

While we understand this feels like a long time coming, please remember that coronavirus is still here and that the risk still stands. 

We can all still enjoy ourselves but we must remain alert, sensible and considerate of other people while exploring our city. To help you enjoy your visit to Liverpool, we’ve outlined some steps below on how to remain safe to ensure no local lockdown will take place in Liverpool and to reduce the risk of a second spike of coronavirus cases. 


Whilst we are all excited to get back into our favourite shops, restaurants and attractions we must be aware that it will take longer than usual to get inside so patience is key!

As the majority of venues will be limiting their capacity it will mean that we will have to queue outside for short periods of time whilst following the two metre social distancing guidelines until it is safe to enter.


Whilst you are out and about around Liverpool City Centre we ask that you also be considerate of other people. Make sure you are keeping the recommended 2 metre distance, follow the one way systems that have been put in place around the city and think about the well-being of other people for their safety and your own. 


We’re known for being famously friendly in Liverpool so let’s keep that up! Remember, this situation is new for everyone and we are all still learning how to safely navigate this together. If you see someone who isn’t following the guidelines, rather than causing a scene, gently remind them of the actions they should be taking to increase their own and other’s safety - education is key! 


If you’re heading out with loved ones for a drink once our amazing bars and restaurants are open it’s important to try and keep a sensible head on your shoulders. 

We know everyone’s guard comes down after a few drinks, but if you don’t think you can follow social distancing and safety guidelines, then maybe consider sticking to the one pint for everyone’s safety.


Regularly washing your hands is super important! It is recommended that you thoroughly wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before and after visiting an establishment, using public transport, before and after eating and after making a purchase in a shop. 

At various points across the city centre where you are unable to wash your hands, hand sanitiser has been provided. Venues have also worked hard to supply sanitiser too if you do not have your own.


We’re all responsible for our own and everyone else's safety so when you’re out and about make sure you’re following the safety guidelines that are in place. 

Wear your mask on public transport, wash your hands, don’t sit on seats that are marked as not in use, keep a 2 metre distance and just be kind, we’re all in this together. 

Remember, if you are feeling unwell or are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 stay at home and seek medical advice.

For more information on how to visit Liverpool safely visit Love Your Liverpool.

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