A brother and sister have their photo taken, an aerial shot of Liverpool waterfront at night and a family in front of the large rainbow.

We understand that you may have questions surrounding the River of Light Trail taking place in Liverpool. Here we have tried to answer as many frequently asked questions as possible.

More information on the trail will be announced in the coming weeks, with artwork information on visitliverpool.com/riveroflight 

What is the River of Light Trail?

A 17-night outdoor art gallery which will illuminate the waterfront. It showcases the work of local, national and international artists which residents can enjoy and experience in a covid-safe way.

Will there be any fireworks?

There are no fireworks as part of the River of Light Trail

When will the River of Light Trail take place?

The trail will be in place from Friday 22 October 2021 - Sunday 7 November 2021.

Do I need to book a ticket?

No. There is no need to book. River of Light Trail is a self-guided trail. 

Where will the River of Light Trail take place?

Across 2KM along Liverpool Waterfront.

How long is the trail?

The trail is a 2km loop with no designated start or finish. It is recommended that people walk the loop anti-clockwise.

What time will the River of Light Trail installations be lit from?

The installations will be switched on from 5pm and switched off at 9pm each evening. 

Is the trail ‘on’ all week?

The light installations will be switched on and off throughout the start and end time of the programme; they are switched on at 5.00pm and switched off at 9pm each day.

Where can I find out about the different light artworks?

Further information on the artworks can be found at visitliverpool.com/riveroflight

Is there information available at the installations about the artwork? Is it accessible?

At each of the installations there will be a large interpretation board with details about the installation and a QR code that can be scanned and will take you through to the designated page on the River of Light Trail website for further detail. We will also have signage for the route map. This has been designed to discourage people to gathering in one place.

The boards are all accessible but would remind public to wait until the board is available before taking the information and not to gather in groups outside of their bubble. The information boards have surface safe anti-microbial laminates applied to graphics.

Is it free to see the light installations on the River of Light Trail?


Are there any age restrictions for any of the light installations?

No, the River of Light Trail is designed to be family friendly and all inclusive. It is advised that small children are accompanied by an adult at all times.

Can I bring my dog?

As the trail and installations are outside in areas accessible by the public, dogs are allowed to walk the trail.

Are all the light installations accessible?

All of the installations are accessible. Full accessibility information will be published for each individual artwork, when the programme is announced in the coming weeks. 

Please be aware that some installations are in locations that feature cobblestoned flooring.

I have light / sound / crowd issues that may act as triggers – is there anything I need to be aware of?

Some installations have music or atmospheric soundscape and some are silent. 

All installations are illuminated, some specifically feature some striking light effects. These specific artworks will be highlighted when the full programme is released. 

Private viewing is not available, and if an attraction is particularly popular, we recommend a visit to the other installations with a view to return at a later time.

Why is this happening now and who is it for?

The River of Light Trail is part of the Culture Liverpool Annual programme delivered across Liverpool. Culture Liverpool is the Liverpool City Council team responsible for the city’s arts and cultural programme. 

The Culture Liverpool programme, inlcuding River of Light Trail, is part of Liverpool City Council's pledge to utilise culture for our ongoing recovery and regeneration. 

Full health and safetu assessments have been undertaken on this outdoor light trail. 

Is the River of Light Trail Covid-19 Safe?

Event organiser, Culture Liverpool has been working very closely with Public Health Liverpool and members of the Safety Advisory Group, to ensure it is as covid-safe as possible. However this relies on people playing their part in making this safe and to follow the rules and any visitor must take responsibility for their own actions.

The trail has been designed with safety and distancing in mind – the 2km trail and distance between each artwork ensures social distancing can be observed.

Visitors will be encouraged to wear face coverings at all times, signage will give advice on how to stay safe and staff will be on hand to remind people of the guidelines.

A limited number of sanitising stations will be available, but people are advised to bring their own anti-bacterial hand gel.

The information boards have surface safe anti-microbial laminates applied to graphics. Organisers are advising people to get tested before their trail visit, and details of the nearest no-symptoms test centre can be found here.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 should not visit the no-symptoms test centre or the trail.

The trail is outside – do I still have to wear a mask?

The requirement to wear face coverings in law has been lifted. The government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings indoor crowded areas such as public transport.

What is the best way for me to travel to the River of Light trail?

Liverpool car parks and car parking spaces are open. Public transport is available and currently running at 70% capacity pre-covid. Citybike and Voi scooters are greener options to use in Liverpool.

The River of Light Trail runs for 14 days, from 22 October to 7 November giving plenty of time to view.

Will there be any road restrictions closures due to the installations?

The public should be forewarned of the major road works – details can be found on the Liverpool City Council website.

Will there be any accessible viewing options for installations? 

All of the light installations can be viewed from the ground and therefore there are no additional viewing platforms for any of the installations. 

I have additional questions / concerns – who do I speak to?

If you have further questions regarding River of Light Trail that are not covered here, please contact the organisers on cultureliverpool@liverpool.gov.uk