A selection of artworks across Liverpool in neon lights

The River of Light Trail will open on Liverpool Waterfront on 22 October to 7 November 2021. The 2KM trail loop will feature 12 large scale light and sound artworks from local, national and international artists. 

Each artwork fits to the theme ‘Rhythm of the Light’ and explores the relationship between the city, music and light. 

Below we have outlined all 12 artworks, their locations in a walkable route. You can also download a digital trail map here. 

Each artwork has its own dedicated landing page where you can find further details including accessibility information. 

Artwork: Trumpet Flowers
Location: Exchange Flags Square        
Artist: Amigo & Amigo, Australia. 

Flowers shaped like trumpets, lit up in purple and pink colours at night time.

Inside Exchange Flags square, you’ll find Amigo & Amigo’s super-sized trumpet flowers. The square will be transformed into a musical, immersive garden of light and sound. 

The Trumpet Flowers are interactive and allow you to play each 2-6 metre flower. Create your own symphony or catch one of the scheduled animated performances, inspired by the vintage gramophone sound. 

Find out more about where to see Trumpet Flowers.

Artwork: Liverpool Love of My Life
Location: Town Hall (best viewed from Castle Street) 
Artist: Chila Kumari Singh Burman, UK

A black background with an illustration of an eye and eyelashes in a green and yellow colour.

Liverpool Love Of My Life is described by the artist, Chila Kumari Singh Burman as a visual love letter to her city. The facade of Liverpool Town Hall will be adorned with a number of illuminating neon sculptures and references to water. 

A soundtrack will accompany this piece on the hour, every hour and will last for 15 minutes. 

More information on accessibility information and exact location of Liverpool Love of my Life. 

Artwork: Limelight Saturday Night
Location: Derby Square 
Artist: Sans Facon 

A yellow spotlight graphic on a black background.

Derby Square will be turned into a stage as Limelight: Saturday Night encourages spectators to become performers. This installation turns regular street lights into theatre spotlights. 

Since 2010, Limelight: Saturday Night has travelled to 17 cities across the world and over 10,000 people have performed in the Limelight. 

Find out more about Limelight: Saturday Night. 

Artwork: The Pool 
Location: Chavasse Park, Liverpool ONE
Artist: Jen Lewin Studio, USA

Light up rings in blue and green. A small child is stepping along them.

At the top of the Sugar House Steps on Chavasse Park, you’ll find The Pool. An interactive light sculpture that invites the public to engage with the artwork. A giant field of over 100 interactive LED platforms that change colour and swirl with light when walked on. 

More information on visting The Pool on Chavasse Park. 

Artwork: Wave
Location: Thomas Steers Way 
Artist: Squidsoup, UK

Little spheres dangle from a metal framework lighting up in different colours.

Once you walk down from The Pool, suspended across the fountains you’ll see Wave. 500 individual orbs brought to life through light and sound. 

The orbs are suspended in the form of a breaking wave. Each orb is a unit consisting of LED lights, speaker and microcomputer. 

Find out more including acessibility information on Wave, here. 

Artwork: Sonic Runway 
Location: The Strand
Artist: Rob Jensen, Warren Trezevant, Canada

Rings representing a tunnel of lights on a black background.

Crossing over from Liverpool ONE towards the waterfront is much more exciting when you find Sonic Runway. A corridor of lights, synchronised to the speed of sound. The runway is 132 metres long and converts audio signals into patterns of light. 

See more about the Sonic Runway installation here.

Artwork: Iconic Site
Location: Salthouse Quay 
Artist: Sans Facon

the words 'iconic' on a black background

Iconic Site is a nod to Liverpool's recent loss of UNESCO World Heritage Status. The Iconic Site artwork is an invitation to consider what gives a place its character and unique cultural quality. 

The large letters can be seen up-close or across from The Strand. 

More information on the Iconic Site information can be found here.

Artwork: Dance Together
Location: Canning Dock Quayside (Outside Museum of Liverpool)
Artist: Lucid Creates 

Huge silver metal circles on rusty metal circles

Dance Together is a brand new commission, created to mark the recent milestone of 20 years of the iconic club night, Chibuku. 

Constructed of three giant rings, suspended between four metre high steel, Dance Together will feature audio of classic dance tracks played during the last 20 years of Chibuku’s club nights. 

Alongside Dance Together, the Museum of Liverpool will host a digital photography exhibition from 25 October - 7 November featuring archive imagery from some well-known Chibuku club nights. 

More information about the Dance Together artwork and accompanying exhibition can be found here. 

Artwork: NOVA 
Location: Mann Island Basin 
Artist: Squidsoup 

 A swirl of colours on a black background

Radiating pulses of energy scoot across the surface of water, turning a lake or river into a dynamic, dramatic water feature, up to 50m in diameter.

Find out more about the artwork, NOVA here. 

Artwork: Light Piano 2.0 XL
Location: Mann Island Atrium 
Artist: Kleurbleur Presented by Light Art Collection, The Netherlands 

Cubes on a black background coloured white, blue, yellow and green.

Inside the Mann Island, Light Piano 2.0 XL is a spatial composition of cubes, linked to the keys of a piano. This piece is not only a piece of art, but an instrument too. 

In this artwork the sound of the piano is mobilised and visualised inviting audiences to not only play the piano but also play the light. 

The colours of the cubes surrounding the piano become coloured blue, light blue and purple in response to the piano playing. 

More information including accessibility information can be found here. 

Artwork: Fly By Night
Location: Canal, Pier Head
Artist: The Kazimier, UK

A circle shaped design depicting reflections. The centre of the circle is black with yellow, green and blue detailing around the outside.

Fly By Night can be seen from the canal edge on the Pier Head. The artwork consists of 8 large custom stained glass windows, set into the mouth of the tunnel opening. The windows meet the water edge, and appear to be permanently installed. The windows are made up of small panels of multi coloured acrylic, the panels are aligned along geometric patterns and break up towards the water's edge. 

Click here for more information about visiting the Fly By Night artwork. 

Artwork: Spritework
Location: Canal, Pier Head
Artist: Pastel Castles and The Kazimier 

A cube with lines and square details in green, yellow and blue.

Across the North Canal located in front of the Royal Liver Building, Spriteworks is a gathering of ‘pixels’, floating across the Leeds and Liverpool canal. Each pixel cube broadcasts a unique display of frame-by-frame pixel animation with a candy-core palette. 

The artwork features ambient electronic sounds designed to lift the spirit.

Click here to see details on visiting Spriteworks, including accessbility information. 

If you’re looking to make a day out or even a short break out of your visit to the River of Light trail, take a look at our recommended itineraries below. 

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