By Raven. 

Just like Liverpool, my whole life experience is a melting pot.

I was born in the Himalayas in India and grew up travelling around the world, before moving here 10 years ago. I’ve never fully belonged to any country or culture, so I settled on the idea that I belong to the world. 

When I moved here at the age of 17, with dreams of being a performer, I imagined I would soon move on to London, but my Scouse roots took hold and I’m still being nourished by this beautiful city to this day. I love how it's big enough to have everything you need and small enough for you to feel acknowledged. The people here are genuinely kind, the vibrations are high and the culture is very rich, I discover new things all the time. This city is alive and constantly evolving and has been integral to my development as an artist and as a person.

I’m currently further developing my music with support from the Arts Council, and deepening my practice as a filmmaker at LIPA, in the Georgian quarter, on Hope Street, which has a special place in my heart. 

The Ley Lines that flow there are strong! No wonder we find, not one, but two epic cathedrals, theatres, music venues, restaurants, hidden gems and the Institute of performing arts, all on this street.

I would highly recommend watching a show in one of those venues, eating some good food and going to the top of the Anglican cathedral to see a breath taking 360 views. Then there’s Bold Street! Oh, and also make sure you check out the beaches, Crosby and Freshfields are my favourites. One weekend isn’t enough to take in Liverpool’s riches.

Naturally, I was elated to be asked to write a song that celebrates and promotes this fabulous place. 

I truly believe when we are doing what we are meant to be doing, when we do things that mean something, some mystical force comes into play and magic happens, it flows.

It was a smooth process, Dayzy is a joy to work with, so talented and dedicated. We had a week to source a beat, write the lyrics and be ready for the studio session. We needed the right vibe, the right sound to represent our city, a catchy hook and bars. No pressure.

We pulled our resources together and it flowed, NAK sent us the right beat, as soon as I heard the whistle, I was like “That’s the one!” We wrote the song and recorded it at my favourite place, GoPlay Studio. Where we met the incredible Director Jack Whiteley, whose passion is truly infectious, we clicked instantly and rolled into the filmmaking process, with his strong vision, and the whole team’s dedication, it was an extremely uplifting experience. 

This film is like a tapestry, woven with the cultural fabric of Liverpool. Its images and patterns, to me, represent freedom, autonomy, community, creativity and joy. 

 Big up Yaw Owusu for bringing us together on this project.

 Welcome to the LVP!

 Love, Vibes & Peace

 Raven x