Lions, tigers, meerkats and so much more at Knowsley Safari

Looking for a wild day out? Then Knowsley Safari is the place for you. You can hear lions roar, see rhinos stomp, marvel at the meerkats, and stretch your necks as the giraffes enjoy their lunch.

It’s well-known that you can see many of the animals from the comfort of your own car, but did you also know you can also walk around and see animals on the Foot Safari? Here are five things worth knowing about what makes Knowsley Safari a great day out. 

1) It's Knowsley Safari’s 50th Anniversary Year   

Knowsley Safari has been welcoming visitors and helping make memories since it opened in 1971. As you’d expect, much has changed since those early days and, as the 50th anniversary year shows, the 550-acre park never stands still. Recent changes have seen the creation of a new, bigger home for the bush dogs, the addition of an open-air food court serving up loaded fries, pizza and desserts for hungry guests and the arrival of Grevy’s Zebras.

2) You can drive, but you can also walk

The Safari Drive stretches five miles throughout the park and is the longest in the UK. From your car, you’ll be able to see White Rhinos, African Lions, Iberian Wolves, European Bison and Bactrian Camels, as well as many other animals, including the baboons (don’t worry, there’s a car safe route!). You can also park up to explore the Foot Safari, where you can walk the Tiger Trail – home to Amur Tigers – as well as visiting the giraffes, birds of prey, meerkats and bush dogs. Children can enjoy a variety of rides and amusements too, including animal-themed dodgems and a pirate ship.

3) You don’t need to be an animal expert to enjoy yourself

Whilst we can probably all tell the difference between a lion and a tiger, there’s many more species at Knowsley Safari that we might not be as familiar with. There are bush dogs, bongo, Eastern Kiang, blackbuck and Eld’s Deer, to name just a few. You can find out more about all the different species by downloading the Knowsley Safari app – it turns your smartphone into the ultimate safari guide and is also great for finding out loads more interesting animal facts. Did you know a group of rhino is called a crash?

4) The Safari supports conservation and the community

The Safari’s Conservation team is involved in many projects around the world which are helping to protect threatened and endangered species. They’ve recently been in Cambodia with Liverpool John Moores University, trialling a new type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera to help prevent poaching and other illegal wildlife activities. Knowsley Safari also has a Learning & Development team, which works with schools, colleges and community groups across Merseyside to help connect people with wildlife to help benefit knowledge, experience and mental health.

5) Knowsley Safari is in a great location

The spotlight is on Knowsley this year with it being Liverpool City Region’s Borough of Culture and when the new Shakespeare North Playhouse opens in Prescot this summer, the Safari is an ideal attraction to add to your itinerary when planning a day out.

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