RedBall Project - Frequently Asked Questions

RedBall Project is taking place across Liverpool this July and we've tried to answer any questions you may have below. 

What is RedBall Project?

RedBall Project is a temporary public art piece by American artist Kurt Perschke.The artwork consists of a red ball that will appear in public places in Liverpool.

When is the project taking place?

RedBall Project will be in Liverpool from 15 - 24 July 2022.

When can I see the RedBall?

During day time hours, you will be able to see and interact with RedBall Project from 15 - 24 July 2022. Exact hours will be announced each day on social media from VisitLiverpool and RedBall Project.

Is it free?

Yes. There is no cost to see and interact with RedBall Project.

Where can I see RedBall?

The RedBall will be in a different location in Liverpool each day. The locations can be seen at An image of the exact location of the ball will be posted on VisitLiverpool and RedBall Project social media and each morning.

Are there any age restrictions on visiting RedBall?

Visitors under the age of 16 to the Dale Street location must be accompanied by an adult. All other locations are accessible to all ages.

Can I touch RedBall?

Yes you can touch the RedBall. We ask visitors to be mindful of personal hygiene and to wash/sanitize their hands before and after interacting with RedBall.

Will there be any sound or light that I need to be aware of?

No, there is no soundscape or additional lighting accompanying RedBall Project.

Can I bring my dog?

All locations except for the Dale Street location are public realm and dogs can visit if kept on a lead. Dale Street location assistance dogs only.

Are locations accessible?

All locations are within the public realm apart from the Dale Street location. The location has accessible toilet facilities and an accessible lift. Please note that one of the locations - St George’s Hall - has cobbled pavement and RedBall will not be accessible to touch but will be accessible to view, due to its location up several steps.

Will there be toilets provided?

No. The RedBall will be placed in Public Realm locations and so there will be no specific provision of toilets and local facilities should be used.

Will there be anywhere to buy food and drink?

Nine of the ten RedBall locations are amongst local amenities including restaurants, shops, bars and visitor experiences. We recommend supporting local businesses during your visit to RedBall. Everton Park does not have any nearby amenities, so we advise that you make provisions for this.

If you have any further questions that are not addressed here please ask on social at @VisitLiverpool.


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