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Want inside info on Liverpool's best places to eat, sleep, shop, drink and just generally have a good time? 👀 Of course you do. 

Our VisitLiverpool blog is written by our very own in-house Liverpool experts who spend almost every day in the city. Whether they're out looking for the hottest new opening or just enjoying some downtime in the city, their knowledge of Liverpool is second to none. 

  • Harlee The Dachshund on Dog Friendly Liverpool

    Harlee The Dachshund on Dog Friendly Liverpool

    We know Liverpool is super dog friendly but we wanted to find out where all the best spots in the city are from a proper Scouser. We asked local dog about the town, Harlee the Dachshund to give us their favourite places and they don’t dissapoint. 

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  • Gwenno

    CALL OUT : Join Gwenno at Sound City Liverpool

    Sound City is back in Liverpool for its 12th edition across 3rd – 5th May and artist Gwenno is calling out to the region’s most exciting emerging talent to join her in a 5-day creative residency, culminating with a show at the festival itself.

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  • Dog Friendly Liverpool 🐕

    Dog Friendly Liverpool 🐕

    To help you plan your dog friendly trip to Liverpool, we have put together a list of some of the best places to eat, drink and run around to make sure no one gets left out and everyone is able to enjoy a trip to the city. 

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  • Liverpool Theatre Guide 2019 🎭

    Liverpool Theatre Guide 2019 🎭

    If there is one thing Liverpool knows how to do it’s put on a show and we have so many theatres and performance spaces in the city to be able to do just that. To help plan your theatrical trip to the city we have put together a theatre guide so you can see what takes your fancy. Let’s get this show on the road!

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  • What To Do When It Rains In Liverpool ☔

    What To Do When It Rains In Liverpool ☔

    The Great British weather is famously unpredictable wherever you go in the UK, luckily in Liverpool we have plenty of things to do indoors for if you ever get caught in a bit of bad weather. From places to see some great art, to crazy golf for adults, you’ll definitely manage to keep yourself dry.

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  • Mother's Day Treats in Liverpool 2019

    Mother's Day Treats in Liverpool 2019

    Mother’s Day is on Sunday 31st March this year and what better place to spend the special day with your mum than in Liverpool. We have put together some ideas for a Mother's Day Treat in the city. 

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  • ITINERARY - 48 Musical Hours in Liverpool 🎵

    ITINERARY - 48 Musical Hours in Liverpool 🎵

    Liverpool is one of the best cities in the world for music and we’re allowed to say that because it’s definitely true! Our music calendar is packed out 365 days of the year so to help you plan your musical trip we have put together a guide to keep you busy and have you leaving with a whole new playlist to listen to.

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  • Brunch image with smoked salmon, eggs and avocado.

    Best places for Brunch in Liverpool 🍽️

    Liverpool is great for many things but one thing that it does do very well, is serve up a boss breakfast. So if you don’t fancy getting up to meet the 9am hotel breakfast deadline, here’s our top spots for brekkie in the city which will set you up for the day ahead. 

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  • Where to go for your Pancake Day stack 🥞

    Where to go for your Pancake Day stack 🥞

    Who doesn't love celebrating Shrove Tuesday with a lemon and sugar crêpe or a giant stack of American pancakes? We certainly do! It’s the only night of the year we can get away with having pancakes for dinner and not feel guilty about it so we’re very excited to indulge. 

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  • ITINERARY - The Ultimate Beatles 'Two-Day Tripper'

    ITINERARY - The Ultimate Beatles 'Two-Day Tripper'

    There are so many Beatles related things to do in Liverpool so we have put together a special ‘two-day tripper’ itinerary to help guide you on your ‘fab’ adventure! From where to stay, eat and what to do, we’ve got you covered so you don’t miss a thing.

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  • St. Patrick’s Day in Liverpool ☘️

    St. Patrick’s Day in Liverpool ☘️

    It is estimated that three quarters of Liverpool’s population have Irish roots so it’s little wonder we go all out when it comes to St. Paddy’s Day. Nicknamed ‘the second capital of Ireland’ Liverpool has plenty of ways to celebrate the special day with a good old knees up! 

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  • ITINERARY - Feeling Cultured

    ITINERARY - Feeling Cultured

    Liverpool’s culture scene is bursting at the seams with things to do and you might find you don’t know where to start on your weekend break to the city trying to fit everything in. To help plan your weekend adventure we have put together a whole culture itinerary for you to follow or take inspiration from.

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  • Cavern Club Exterior - A Story of the Cavern Club's History

    The History of the Cavern Club

    Liverpool’s Cavern Club has been dubbed the most famous club in the world due to its eventful seven decades of life and we couldn't think of a more apt title for it to hold. Delve into the history of this iconic Liverpool landmark. 

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  • Liverpool Shop Fronts

    Liverpool Shop Fronts

    How many times have you stopped and noticed the striking beauty of something that you’ve been ignorant to for days, weeks or even years? 

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  • Liverpool 2019 Music Festival Guide 🎵

    Liverpool 2019 Music Festival Guide 🎵

    We all love a music festival; live music, hot weather (most of the time), a few drinks and a good old dance, we couldn't ask for anything much better really. Luckily in Liverpool we have plenty of festivals to keep us entertained all year round.

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  • Unique Hotels in Liverpool

    Unique Hotels in Liverpool

    Looking for somewhere to stay that tells a story? Liverpool has hotels filled with history and heritage, whether that’s a music themed hotel to simply beautiful spaces, you can find a space that’s truly special to start your Liverpool adventure in. Your hotel stay is about to become super insta-worthy 🤳📸

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  • 'Scouse Diaries' Guide to the Perfect night on Hope Street

    'Scouse Diaries' Guide to the Perfect night on Hope Street

    It’s all well and good us telling you how great Liverpool is so to back up our opinions on our wonderful city we asked local blog, Scouse Diaries to explore one of Liverpool’s best loved areas, Hope Street and give us their verdict on the best things to do. 

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