A drone shot overlooking the regenerated Albert Dock warehouse buildings at dusk. The sky looks very blue and lights are reflecting in the dock water.

Lush Liverpool Snow Fairy Christmas Floor

38-46 Church Street
Liverpool City Region
L1 3AW

Tel: +44 (0)151 236 6952

LUSH Snow Fairy floor


From 5th November, Lush Liverpool will reopen their third floor retail space with the return of The Snow Fairy and an ultimate Christmas experience.

The additional 392 sqm retail space will turn pink and embody the celebration of Lush’s first-ever animation of The Snow Fairy: kindness, courage and confidence. Inspired by Snow Fairy, Lush’s best selling, candy floss-scented product range, the third floor will feature pink decor, a pink rocking horse and a pink grotto, with a focus on Christmas gifts and personalisation. There will be giant versions of Lush products and a gift wrapping station. 

Snow Fairy gets personal Alongside the pink Christmas Floor, an exclusive Personalisation Station for Lush’s most popular Snow Fairy range arrived on Lush Liverpool’s first floor. Visitors will be able to customise their purchased 250g shower gel bottles of Snow Fairy and 200g Snow Fairy body spray bottles with personal greetings, messages and names via a touch screen. This service is completely free of charge! 


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Opening Times

Season (5 November 2021 - 31 December 2021)

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