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Food & Drink in Liverpool

Food and Drink in Liverpool is fantastically varied, from sleek fine dining to indie bistros and pop-up foodie heavens to high-street favourites, modern British - take a look at our best places for a classic Roast here - to the finest foods from around the world.

Take a look at our restaurants, cafes, traditional pubs and the best bars and nightlife.

If you're looking for hot spots, take a look down Bold Street for multicultural vibes or Castle Street for sophisticated lunch and drinks. 

Local produce is at our fingertips, with Wirral and Formby asparagus, Southport shrimps, Knowsley lamb, and Liverpool beer and gin some of the stars of the scene. Many restaurants and cafes are proud to use local produce.

Whilst we’re talking about food, it seems only right to mention the famous local delicary – Scouse! A tasty stew of meat and vegetables, served with crusty bread and beetroot or red cabbage (depending on personal preference and opinion). It’s how the people of Liverpool got their nickname ‘Scousers’, and is on the menu at many cafes and restaurants. 

If that's not enough, we actually have a day every year to celebrate the dish that gave us our name, Global Scouse Day takes place in February every year. If you fancy giving it a try before then, take a look at our 'Where to Try Scouse' blog. 

Liverpool Food and Drink Highlights 

From the local delicacy Scouse and traditional Bristish pubs, to cocktails and foods from across the globe. 

  1. A Guide to Food in Liverpool

    Because we're absolutely obsessed with our culinary prowess in this city, we've gathered all the different cuisines, where you can get them and what our recommendations area. 

    10 May 2019
  2. Restaurants
    The restaurant scene in Liverpool City Region is booming! It's award winning, diverse, and international cuisines and experiences you're taste buds will remember!
  3. Cafes in Liverpool
    Enjoy a drink and bite to eat in one of Liverpool's relaxed cafes and bistros, ideal for those wanting to dine in more informal surroundings.
  4. Traditional Pubs
    From a cool cocktail to a hearty real ale, Liverpool's sense of fun guarantees that bars in the city are always lively.
  5. Cocktails at HUS - Aperol Spritz and Pornstar Martini

    Everyone loves a good beverage and maybe even a boogie too? That's why we're saving you from searching and we've put together a list of the best bars in Liverpool. 

    24 Jul 2018
  6. The Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Liverpool

    Today, we thank the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna Russel for the delightful tradition that is Afternoon Tea. We’ve decided to discover some of Liverpool’s best places for Afternoon Tea. From the traditional, to the jaw dropping to even Beatles themed. We’ve found it.

    22 Jun 2018
  7. Liverpool's Gin Bars 🍸

    Gin is still one of the nation’s favourite tipples and Liverpool has plenty of bars to sit back and relax in with a good old G&T. Whether you are after a gin before you head onto the dance floor, a cocktail to sip on in the sun or afternoon drinks with your mates; there is a bar for very occasion. 

    6 Jun 2019
  8. Liverpool Burger Spots 🍔

    Sometimes, all you want in life is a great big juicy burger. Liverpool has so many places to head to for a burger of your favourite choosing we thought we would help by picking some of the best spots in the city to head. In the mood for some beef? We’ve got it, chicken? No problem, vegan? You’re covered! 

    25 Jun 2019
  9. A Guide to the Best Vegan Friendly Places in Liverpool

    If you're heading to Liverpool and follow a plant based diet or have taken up Meat Free Monday - you're in for a treat! You won't find yourself hungry here. Check out our top picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

    13 Jan 2020

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