Elysian and Elysian Arcs

Elysian (adj.) beautiful or creative, divinely inspired. The world is at the precipice of change.

This change can be felt from all directions, from climatic influences, political feuds, economic fluctuations and social pressures. As a global community of humans, we throw ourselves into this convergence of change with a feeling of resilience, determination and hope. Art plays an important role in enriching the everyday life. Amongst so much seemly chaos, it is important now, more than ever to find joy in the everyday, to find moments of wonder that excite our inherent curiosity. Elysian is a temporary public art-chitecture. It exists as a space of reflection, immersion and joy for its audience. The form of Elysian is defined by three ‘U’ shapes that converge in the centre of the form, creating a vaulted moment of negative space for the audience to traverse through and under. The work explores the movement of colour as it interacts with light and form.

The Elysian Arcs are a series of three arced modules in the space aesthetic style. Arranged around and in the negative space around Elysian, they create a complete and comprehensive space for the audience to move through. The ribbed surface texture of the artwork allows the iridescent materiality to reflect and refract both natural and artificial light in a unique and eye-catching way. Internal illumination bring the sculpture to life at night. A choreographed light display is accompanied by a unique soundscape, making the space a fully immersive experience for the audience. Elysian is inflatable in nature, making the artwork efficient and adaptable to its surroundings.

Liverpool-based award-winning composer John McHugh has been chosen by Atelier Sisu to produce a brand new soundscape for both of the Elysian artworks.   

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