Event Postponed

*POSTPONED* Pokémon Safari Zone Liverpool *POSTPONED*

All Trainers who were planning to come to Liverpool in April should take a look at the link below from Pokémon Go, which should answer a lot of the questions you have.

Information on the postponement of Pokémon GO Safari Zone. 

  1. Spend a spring weekend by the water with some splashy Water-type Pokémon. Purchase tickets through the Pokémon GO app now.
    1. 17 Apr 202019 Apr 2020
  2. The its liverpool blog
    Where to start? So much to do in Liverpool City Region, the only problem might be deciding exactly what to do first, Culture Capital, Beatles, you name it!
  3. Looking for accommodation in Liverpool? We have plenty to choose from. From hotels to self-catering apartments, B&Bs and even posh hostels. All available to be booked online, right now.
  4. What to do in Liverpool when Pokemon Go Safari Zone is on!

    Calling all Pokémon GO trainers! If you’re heading to Liverpool this April for the Pokémon GO Safari Zone, here’s all you need to know and what not to miss in Liverpool.

    14 Feb 2020

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