An electric blue background with the words 'Very Public Art, Liverpool July - September 2021' - The logo for the event is peach and black.

Very Public Art, Liverpool 2021

The last 18 months have changed the way we think about the places we live. It has given us a different lens through which we look at our houses, our streets and our city.

Perhaps we have never felt more connected to the places that we live. Perhaps we have never felt so bored by them.

Very Public Art is a series of installations and activations across the summer which are designed to give a new energy to the familiar and a reason to once again explore our streets.

Eight brand new commissions will land in locations across Liverpool, each one a showcase for local communities and creatives to tell stories and disrupt the every day.

Some will create a reason to congregate and celebrate, to discover new places and to meet new people. 

Some will be a chance for us to stop and think.

All of them will be free, open air, safe, in the streets and Very Public Art.

  1. A black logo that reads 'Statues Redressed' on a pastel purple coloured background
  2. A windmill illustration on a purple background
    Winds of Change was commissioned by St George’s Quarter and designed by DoES Liverpool in collaboration with Simon Armstrong from Design Laser Play.
    1. 17 Sep 20215 Oct 2021
  3. A plus sign illustration on a peach coloured background
    From Now On is an artwork consisting of 4 giant letters: H,O,P & E which have been filled with donated items that hold a personal ‘pandemic story’ to people from across the city.
    1. 30 Aug 20211 Oct 2021

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