A family of one adult and two children walk through the Formby Woodland in the sun. They are holding hands and smiling.


Welcome to Liverpool City Region

Everyone in Liverpool is looking forward to welcoming you here. Our hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, parks, beaches and everywhere in between are ready and waiting. It’s time to start planning adventures again.

See you soon!


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Liverpool Highlights

  1. Green and yellow graphic with the words 'River of Light 22 October - 7 November'
    River of Light - Every year Liverpool's waterfront plays host to a collection of light artworks. The artworks are from local, national and international artists.
  2. Southport Fireworks
    Southport's sky bursts into light as some of the country's top pyrotechnic teams compete, with stunning firework displays synchronised to music, to try and win the prestigious industry title of British Musical Fireworks Champion!
    1. 27 Sep 201929 Sep 2019
    2. 25 Sep 202027 Sep 2020
    3. 24 Sep 202126 Sep 2021
    4. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
  3. Crowds inside a huge warehouse at a club night

    Liverpool was in the news again recently with the news that we had lost our UNESCO World Heritage status because it was believed that new developments threatened the value of our waterfront.

    6 Aug 2021
  4. Discover More with Merseyrail

    Whether you’re visiting Liverpool for the day, or for a staycation, there are so many fantastic places to visit which are just a short train ride away and all so close to Liverpool City Centre.

    18 Aug 2021
  5. Harlee The Dachshund on Dog Friendly Liverpool

    We know Liverpool is super dog friendly but we wanted to find out where all the best spots in the city are from a proper Scouser. We asked local dog about the town, Harlee the Dachshund to give us their favourite places and they don’t dissapoint. 

    18 Aug 2021

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