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FACT Liverpool Online Programme

The Living Planet

FACT has launched The Living Planet, a free online programme that explores our relationship with the natural world. The Living Planet will look at how we can build a more sustainable and responsible global community, thinking beyond the human and looking at ways in which wildlife, plantlife and other ecological systems have responded to the impacts of our actions. 

Available for free, for everyone, 24/7. Follow a brand new series of digital commissions including artworks, podcasts, live streams, videos and challenges. New uploads every week for you and your loved ones to enjoy remotely. 

FACT Liverpool website: fact.co.uk/thelivingplanet

Individual Projects from The Living Planet

Augmented Empathy

Can Instagram filters become tools for empathy? Augmented Empathy is a brand new interactive Instagram project by artist collective Keiken that invites you to rethink how we identify and connect with ourselves, each other, animals and the Earth. Every week, Keiken will share a secret augmented reality filter on Instagram.

Follow FACT Liverpool on Instagram to join the project, watch stories, tune into IGTV and test out the filters for yourself.

Visit the Augmented Empathy website to respond to the questions that Keiken and the filters are asking and browse project resources.

FACT Liverpool website: fact.co.uk/augmented-empathy

Build Your Own Terrarium

Learn how to build a terrarium with artist Greg Herbert. Explore and celebrate the different varieties of micro-ecological systems that exist in our everyday infrastructure such as back gardens, balconies, rooftops and window ledges. Venture out safely on your daily stroll and see which moss varieties you can forage using Greg's moss map. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to build your own mini eco-system and share your photos with FACT Liverpool on social media! Download the map and guide from FACT Liverpool’s website.

FACT Liverpool website: fact.co.uk/build-your-own-terrarium

The Dawn Chorus

In celebration of International Dawn Chorus Day, FACT put together a week of musical performances, talks and activities responding to the magnificent natural phenomenon that happens at the start of each new day.

Listen to a sonic remaining of the dawn chorus by acclaimed ecological field recordist and musician Geoff Sample and Daniel Thorne, saxophonist, composer and founder of the Immix Ensemble. Using musical instruments, Thorne responds to Sample's recordings of different landscapes and the birds that inhabit them - from woodlands to wetlands, to parks and cities - echoing the call and response of the morning symphonies we hear every day.

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You can also check out a bird spotting blog by RSPB Liverpool and listen to some bird inspired poetry by Dr Bethan Roberts, William Noble Post-Doctoral Research Associate from the University of Liverpool.

FACT Liverpool website: fact.co.uk/the-dawn-chorus

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Season (1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021)

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