This is Shanghai

Venues on Liverpool Waterfront
The Bund is Shanghai's waterfront and features some similarities to Liverpool


This is Shanghai is part of the 2018 China Dream programme. The event will bring together the work of ten leading contemporary artists from China, reinforcing a creative link between the two cities which are often compared due to their recognisable waterfronts and their shared architectural and emotional characteristics. 

Works will be displayed in venues on Liverpool's Waterfront including Cunard Building, Mann Island, Museum of Liverpool, Tate Exchange and the Pier Head. 

Some exhibits include: 

Optimising by Xu Zhen 

Mann Island’s atrium, outside Open Eye Gallery.

Two World Heritage sites will collide as a miniature Stonehenge comes to Liverpool’s very own UNESCO waterfront. Martial arts experts will perform on top of the stones, bringing together two traditions of ritual separated by thousands of miles.

Sharing the Losing by Yu Ji 

Starting from Cunard Building basement 

Visitors can hire a bike from the This is Shanghai gallery located within the basement of the Cunard Building basement. Pop in the headphones provided, hit play on an MP3 and while cycling along Liverpool's World Heritage waterfront, sounds of the Bund (Shanghai waterfront). The soundscape will be accompanied by a story, in English, about Yu Ji’s home city and how it compares to Liverpool.

Liverpool 2018 by Liang Yue

Open Eye Gallery 

A series of beautifully shot photographs highlight the similarities between Liverpool’s waterfront and the Bund and how the River Mersey and the Huangpu River make Chinese visitors feel like Liverpool is a home from home.

Time Differences by Yuan Gong    

A tower of beautifully decorated biscuit tins will be crushed every hour, representing the tune, East is Red, which is played from the clock tower on the Bund’s Custom House.

The Only Access by Zhang Peili

Cunard Building

Visitors to the Cunard Building will enter a symbolic gateway allowing them to feel as though they are leaving Liverpool behind and stepping into Shanghai. 

The Same Warmth and Cold Throughout the Globe by Zhou Xiaohu

Toy birds, plastic flowers, branches and tools will all hang from a ceiling and the shadow they cast will form Chinese calligraphy, recreating poems and famous Chinese sayings.

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Friday, 16th February 2018 - Wednesday, 31st October 2018

China Dream - 中国梦
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