Get ready for some prehistoric fun when Southport becomes 'DinoTown' in Spring 2024!

Visitors will get the chance to come face-to-face with fifteen brick-built dinosaurs, made using over 550,000 toy bricks. The beasts will be roaring into the town centre between 29 March and 14 April.

The BRICKLIVE BRICKOSAURS will provide a jaw-dropping experience for children, families and dinosaur fans alike. The models include a pair of colossal Velociraptors, a club-tailed Ankylosaur, and a majestic Pteranodon in mid-flight. Not forgetting the vibrant green Parasaurolophus, which is constructed of over 110,00 bricks alone!

Budding ‘Dino Rangers’ can discover facts and figures about each dinosaur, which will be displayed on ID cards. There will also be interactive Dinosaur selfie props for people to enjoy, as well as other themed activities including an ‘Egg Hunt’, which is bound to excite the little ones during the Easter holidays.

Southport joins an exclusive list of locations that the BRICKOSAURS have visited, having previously delighted crowds in Cologne, Antwerp, and Singapore.

DinoTown is being organised by Southport BID (Business Improvement District). Keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks.