Its been a while since we checked out Goodness Gracious for the first time - We don't believe its as secret as it was back in 2015 when we first visited, but hey.. this place is too good to be kept secret. 

Here's how we discovered one of *the best* rooftop bars in Liverpool back in 2015.

When a rare sunny day presented itself, one of our lovely neighbours in the Invest Liverpool team, Roz, decided to head out of the office for lunch and pop over to Oh Me Oh My’s new rooftop garden… and she found a rare haven within the bustling business district…

Wanting to make the most of the British summertime (which, naturally, happens only from Monday to Friday while everyone’s in work, and for only a few weeks per year), Roz decided to pay a visit to the nearby Oh Me Oh My for on her lunch break.

The office had heard good things about their new secret rooftop terrace, Goodness Gracious, and so one of us just had to try it out - looking back now, we kinda wished we went too because we felt a lil behind after Roz came back -  She was so pleased she did too… it was like stepping through the wardrobe doors and discovering Narnia!

Just head through the secret floral doors, take the lift up to the top floor and you’ll find yourself entering outside into another world within the city centre! The garden was filled with summer sunshine (plus complimentary sun creams), soft cushions, beautiful flowers, chilled out music and an overall great atmosphere. Perfect for a spot of relaxing with a cold drink to break up a busy day. Whilst Roz could only stay for a quick Diet Coke, you’ll often find a rooftop BBQ going on and plenty of tasty summer tipples (gin, anyone?) - I hear you can also gain access when dining at Oh Me Oh My for their Secret Brunch/Roast events.

The only gripe Roz had was that she couldn’t stay longer... With lunch hours only being *an hour* the end of the break looming (as indicated to me by simply looking up checking the time on the famous Liver Building - did I mention the amazing view?!) It was time to head back to the office. Back through the wardrobe and back to the desk.

Its official, Goodness Gracious is still filled with as much Goodness as in 2015. As long at the view remains the same, who can complain? Summers sorted - just gotta get there before everyone else does.

You can find more about Goodness Gracious over on their Twitter (, and full details on Oh Me Oh My are on their website ( Both are part of the LEAF family (

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