River of Light 2021 - October 22 - November 7. A green and yellow neon promotional graphic.

Liverpool. River of Light Trail. 
22 October - 7 November 2021.

An outdoor illuminated art gallery along Liverpool's world-famous waterfront.

Rhythm of the Light; We have all been inside for too long.

It is time for our streets to be alive again, not to stand dark and silent. They need to make us smile and dance again, inspire and surprise us again.

We need music. We need joy. We need the rhythm of the light.

This Autumn, a number of installations will turn the Liverpool Waterfront into a celebration of light, art and music as we celebrate the colour and noise we have all missed.

Full programme to be revealed. 

  1. River of Light Spring 2021 - A drone shot of the Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and the Port of
    An outdoor illuminated art gallery is set to take over Liverpool’s world-famous waterfront.
    1. 5 Nov 2016
    2. 5 Nov 2017
    3. 4 Nov 2018
    4. 1 Nov 20199 Nov 2019
    5. 23 Mar 20215 Apr 2021
    6. 22 Oct 20217 Dec 2021
  2. A family in front of the 'rainbow bridge' installation in April 2021 River of Light.

    We understand that you may have questions surrounding the River of Light Trail taking place in Liverpool. Here we have tried to answer as many frequently asked questions as possible. 

    15 Sep 2021

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