Lampshades Bouquet

The Bouquet d’abat-jours (Lampshades bouquet) is a set of lights dusting off the traditional lamps of our living room that have been transposed in a gigantic outdoor version and have become a full piece of urban furniture with the bench that surround their base. At the end of their gracefully curved stems blossom white lampshades that will reveal the surprising magic of their colours at nightfall.

Like the loose and colourful fragments of a kaleidoscope, the lampshades of the Bouquet liven in an endless variety of images, playing with the alternation of beautiful colours and revealing an oneiric and modern universe.

Lampshades Bouquet is a 7 m high and 4 m wide gigantic outdoor version of a traditional lamp from many living rooms. It is surrounded by a bench at the base. The 9 lampshades of every bouquet light up in different colours.


Click here for accessibility information including a description of the artwork for those who are visually impaired.

How has Lampshades Bouquet been made sustainable?

Work has been put in to make Lampshades Bouquet a sustainable work. The lights are produced with durable materials (wood, aluminium, steel, etc.). They are produced in TILT's workshop by a well trained team, and with materials sourced as much as possible from local suppliers. The engineering study and materials used are intended for their light creations to last a minimum of 10 years, and a regular and careful maintenance guarantees the good condition of the lights. Lampshades Bouquet's structures are equipped with LED bulbs or spotlights with a low consumption and long service life.


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