Now is the time for you to embark on a melodious journey through Liverpool, where every chord and chorus tells the story of a city that beats to the sound of music legends and innovation. 


We've curated the ultimate itinerary for your sonic adventure, mixing historical notes with contemporary rhythms.


The Soundtrack of a Nation at The British Music Experience

Begin your day amidst the galleries of The British Music Experience, where the echoes of Britain's musical past come alive. See artefacts from across the decades of British music featuring everyone from The Beatles to the Spice Girls, David Bowie and Oasis. 


A person looking at a display of guitars in a display case.


A Pilgrimage to Pier Head

Stroll to the iconic Pier Head, where the larger-than-life Beatles Statue awaits. Take a moment with the Fab Four, immortalised in bronze, and let the spirit of the Merseybeat era inspire you. It’s the ultimate photo opportunity when in Liverpool. 


Two people getting their photo taken in front of a large beatles statue


Vinyl Hunting: Digging Deep into Liverpool's Record Shops

As the afternoon sun casts its golden hues, dive into the crates of Liverpool's cherished record shops. Unearth rare gems at Dig Vinyl, 81 Renshaw, and Probe Records.


Two people walking in front of a record store which is blue.


Seel Street's Sonic Delights

In the evening, Seel Street comes alive with the vibrant energy of music lovers. Sip a cocktail in the Kazimier Garden while local DJs play. Then, catch a live gig at the newly reopened Arts Club or soak in the intimate atmosphere of The Jacaranda where The Beatles once played. 


Inside the Jacaranda with a band on a stage and crowd.


Clubbing where the Beats Never End

Cap off your night where Liverpool's heart beats the loudest — on the dance floors of the city's legendary clubs. Let 24 Kitchen Street's immersive soundscapes envelop you, or find yourself amidst the industrial chic of Invisible Wind Factory.


Inside a club with a large disco ball, red lights and a crowd dancing.


Head on a Liverpool Music Icons Tour

Immerse yourself in the rhythm and soul of Liverpool's illustrious music scene of the 80s and 90s with the Liverpool Music Icons Tour. This isn't just any tour; it's a personal narrative led by one of the era's defining figures: Pete Hooton of The Farm, Keith Mullin, their lead guitarist, or Brian Nash of Frankie Goes to Hollywood.


Three people stood outside the jacaranda


Mersey Ferries: The Ultimate Sightseeing Voyage

And for a truly iconic experience, take a journey with Mersey Ferries. Glide across the river and soak in the unmatched views of Liverpool and Wirral's waterfronts. With so much to explore on both shores, the ferry isn't just a way to get around; it's your ticket to an immersive cultural adventure.


Two people sitting on the mersey ferry looking out at the skyline.


The Leftbank Soundtrack: An Audio Adventure

Embark on the Leftbank Soundtrack, an audio journey that weaves through the Wirral's back alleys and boulevards. Let the rich tapestry of sounds guide you on a voyage of sonic discovery, where each note tells a story of the locale. Presented by Future Yard, pop in to their music venue for a drink before heading on a walking tour of Birkenhead. 

Two people sitting at a table with a drink at music video


Go back in time at the most famous club in the world

No trip to Liverpool is complete without a visit to The Cavern Club, the most famous club in the world. Take in the history of the venue where the Beatles played 292 times as they also provide a stage for up-and-coming talent and huge touring acts.


Inside The Cavern Club with a crowd of people watching someone on a stage.


Get classical at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall


If you’ve not been to see a show at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall then you’re missing out. Home to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the UK’s oldest orchestra, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the beautiful venue with a range of events to suit every music taste.


Outside of the philharmonic hall with the large sign in lights.


Your Liverpool soundtrack awaits. Are you ready to live it?