Queen avenue, a narrow Victorian Street in Liverpool City Centre. There is golden festoon lighting hung across the buildings and people outside eating at little tables and chairs.

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Sophie Shields

Sophie is the PR, Comms and Digital Marketing Exec and looks after the blogs and social media for VisitLiverpool alongside shouting to the world's press and media about all things Liverpool.

50 Free Things To Do In Liverpool

Looking for free things to do in Liverpool? You're in for a treat! If you’re looking for a day out in Liverpool that doesn’t cost the earth, then we have you covered. We're a city with more museums and galleries than any other city outside of London and most of them are free, we've got lots of parks…

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Beatles attractions to visit in Liverpool

A trip to Liverpool is not complete without exploring all things Beatles. Whether you’re a huge Fab Four fan, just know a handful of songs or know nothing about them at all, you’re in the perfect place to start your Beatles journey. From immersive experiences, museums full of memorabilia, tours of…

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Things to do in Liverpool this half term

Looking for things to do in Liverpool this half-term? You’re in the right place! From attractions to open spaces to explore and places to eat, we’ve got lots of ideas for family friendly things to do across Liverpool, whatever your budget and interests! Discover A Liverpool Attraction There…

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Where To Find The Best Burgers In Liverpool

Looking for some of the best burgers in Liverpool? You can't go wrong with these suggestions! Liverpool has so many places to head to for a burger of your favourite choosing we thought we would help you decide by picking some of the best places in the city to enjoy one. In the mood for some beef…

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Where to find the Soloveiko Songbirds

From 1-14 May follow the Soloveiko Songbird trail to discover the songs and stories of Ukraine as part of EuroFestival. The Soloveiko Songbird - nightingale in English - is the national bird of Ukraine and a symbol of song and happiness. 12 Soloveiko from different Ukrainian regions have travelled…

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Eurovision themed events in Liverpool

There’s so many Eurovision themed events happening in Liverpool when the song contest takes over the city from 1-15 May! From special theatre shows, food tours, cruises and viewing parties, if you don’t have a ticket to one of the shows in the M&S Bank Arena, there’s still so much to do! We'll keep…

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Eurovision - You're having a laugh

Eight competing Eurovision countries will be flexing their comedy muscles in a very special host city event in Liverpool. On Thursday 4 May, Stand Up For Eurovision, will see comedians from across Europe take part in a unique stand-up show at Mountford Hall (Liverpool Guild of Students). The evening…

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