The Kazimier Garden is one of Liverpool's best hidden bars

Would Liverpool just roll off of your tongue amongst the most applauded European cities? Would it live up to the curiosity and awe that Sagrada Familia prompts? The adrenalin of Berghain, the purple haze and romance of Amsterdam’s canal? What about the thumping of Liverpool’s underground music and cultural heartbeat?

Here’s just 18 little reasons why Liverpool is up there with the best in Europe. 

Independent havens filled with bohemian bistros, vintage shops, legendary book stores and places to grab a drink. You’ll love Bold Street and Lark Lane. 


The Street food craze IS HERE.

Take a look at these babies that you’ll find in Baltic Market - A food market in a former brewery - Cains in the Baltic Triangle. (It also houses a massive vintage market called Red Brick Vintage where you could spend hours, marvelling.)


The caption of this insta says it all to be honest - BUT, at the top of Bold Street, there’s a church with no roof. That’s St Luke’s church, locally known as the ‘Bombed out Church’ - that’s a venue for music festivals and yoga classes.

If you don't know Liverpool, then you may just think this is another church. Well, you can't tell from this angle, but this is the bombed out church. It was bombed in WWII, but the shell remains. I think it's one of the coolest buildings in turn a casualty of war into an architectural feature strikes me as very fitting for a city whose form has been affected by so many globally important historical events, from the Industrial Revolution to Thatcherism and beyond. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say it is a symbol of the city's resilience. Walking by it is the only benefit of Lime Street being closed because I have to take a different route to work. . . . . . . . . . . #liverpool #itsliverpool #loveliverpool #greyday #grey #britishproblems #moody #moodygrams #cityscape #bombedoutchurch #architecture #worldwarII #wwII #historic #abandonedplaces #church #resilience #musings #citylife #scousescene #autumn #gloomy #merseryside

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3. THERE'S A LOAD OF OLD WAREHOUSES LIKE THESE There’s a load of old warehouses like these that have been repurposed in the best possible ways.

White Lies, Liverpool 2017 #whitelies #liverpool #invisiblewindfactory #confetti

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There’s Invisible Wind Factory - a mahoosive warehouse that’s decked out to host any DJ set, Party, Production that you can imagine, with a workshop next door where they make all the sets themselves - it’s sick. There’s also a hotel called the Titanic Hotel on the dock road that has bedrooms bigger than your average 1 bed flat. There’s Constellations, an old recycling yard that pumps out pure happy house vibes in the summer. Or, Camp and Furnace where the legendary Bongos Bingo began and continues to prosper!

Views for days

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Following on from my former point.

If you’re a fan of rooftop drinking or dining, you’re in luck with places like HUS. 

My favourite city.

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What about secrets? We have them too.

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Secret bars and little hidden away gems are the best ones to find. But we’re not telling you too much, because we want to keep them a secret so shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone. 

Digital, art and tech all together?

The Reader, Stanza | 2015

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There’s a place called FACT where it all comes together to make some though provoking stuff. Remember Shia LeBouf? Check out this video of him at FACT as part of his exhibition ‘Follow’ in 2016.

This year, they're putting on a new large-scale installation which means an astonishing feast for the senses...more on that here

In 2018, the Liverpool Biennial Contemporary Art Festival is celebrating its 10th edition

Rita McBride, Portal, 2016. Installed in Cains Brewery, Liverpool UK #ritamcbride #cainsbrewery #liverpoolbiennial

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...with more brand new artist commissions from names all over the globe. So if you like thought-provoking contemporary art, then you probs won't want to miss this edition of the festival ‘Liverpool Biennial; Beautiful world, where are you?

There’s music around every corner

👀😮🙃 @liverpoolpsychfest

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From indie and local label bands and DJs at Arts Club, Underground or Buyers Club to worldwide names at Echo Arena or the 02, there's music literally everywhere.

Speaking of music, there’s a massive festival in Sefton Park that only costs a fiver and takes place over 2 days 

Take a picnic blanket, and enjoy listening to some of the biggest names in music at LIMF.

There’s a festival called ‘Sound City’

💫 interviewed these beauties last month ! (link in bio) 💫

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That sees upcoming artists take over Liverpool’s best venues from the Bombed Out Church to the Cavern and all over the city’s nooks and crannies.

Expect to see people legging it to get half way across town for the next set, sharing cabs and generally having a ball.

You’re guaranteed a delicious real ale

Last day of summer with two Tates #summer #beer #blacklodge #brewery #sunset @blacklodgebrew

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In hidden mirco breweries like Black Lodge Brewery tucked down a little street in the Baltic Triangle

Contemporary art is all too familiar here

The Bluecoat might be like 300 years old, but there’s always something to challenge your mind inside. Whether it’s a brand new Biennial commission or a giant room filled with huge pieces of chalk - Yes we wrote all over the walls, it was amazing - it’s the little things. Did we mention that in 2018 Tate Liverpool will have been here for 30 years too? So you know, we’re kinda a big deal when it comes to that sort of stuff. 

There’s a load of beaches, right by the city

#tb Day 28: Crosby beach (last trip sehari sebelum balik)

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One of which is the home of Anthony Gormley’s artwork - Another Place

Art on the streets, art in the gallery, art on the beach - But what about photography?


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Well, there’s a place for that too. There’s an unhealthy obsession with Instagram right now - how about visiting a place where the infamous ‘insta crop’ doesn't exist? Open Eye Gallery is an independent not-for-profit gallery, supporting local and emerging artists. Their international exhibitions are both topical and encourages visitors to feel inspired to create social change. 

The nightlife here is recommended in the literal travel bible.

finally climbed a lambanana, only took me 2 years. i dunno where my leg is coming out of.

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Rough Guides squeezed a night out in Liverpool between the great wall of China and walking the Siq to Petra on their 50 things to do before you die. 

Liverpool’s had a patchwork history. We built the first commercialised wet dock and from 1715 - mid 19th century half the world’s trade passing through. The city's wealth was reflected in building fantastic architecture all over the city centre, such as The Town Hall, St George's Hall and Three Graces.

Then the city suffered at the hands of WWII. For years, Liverpool struggled without investment and/or financial support from the UK Government, businesses closed and jobs were hard to come by.

It was this hardship faced by the city that made the people of Liverpool, who they are today - it brought us together. Well, that and football! Who doesn’t love a bit of Liverpool vs Everton banter? 

2003 is when Liverpool’s future would change forever - Liverpool won the bid for European Capital of Culture - 14 years ago now. 

When 2008 came, it meant millions in investment for the city. Liverpool ONE was built, Sound City was born, the Liverpool Biennial was centre stage and ever since this milestone, Liverpool has been experiencing a cultural renaissance. 

Now, it’s 10 years since this monumental day and with a reputation for music, art and culture, Liverpool is up there with the best. Our buried treasure has been uncovered, shined up nicely and is now on display for the world to see. Liverpool has changed, but the grit and character of the city, remains very much the same. 

It doesn't matter who you are, the scousers are the friendliest people in the world.

Need directions? Sound. Need recommendations? They’re aplenty. Even if you just need a chat, we’ll brighten your day and make you feel welcome in the greatest city in the world. 

We’re still hearing how people are ‘shocked at how nice it is’ whent they visit Liverpool - when people step out of Lime Street station and stare in awe at the finest example of neo-classical architecture, or when they drive down the strand and see that breath-taking cross section perspective of the Three Graces.

Look up and you’ll see hundreds of years of historic architecture contrasting the shiny and new that sits so well together. 

There’s culture around every corner - from scouse humour to travelling West End shows. 

Big name brands line the street, but the independent scene is thriving too. 

Street food to fine dining. 

We know you’ll be shocked, but try not to be. Liverpool will smash every preconception you've ever had. 

Liverpool 2018 - be part of it. 

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The Bluecoat
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Photo credit: Brian Roberts Photography

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'Another Place' by Antony Gormley
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Open Eye Gallery
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Open Eye Gallery is an independent not-for-profit photography gallery located on Mann Island at the heart of the Liverpool Waterfront – next to the Museum of Liverpool, Tate Liverpool and Albert Dock.

Bold Street
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