Liverpool is no stranger to being the star of major motion pictures and television shows and this December we’re taking centre stage in the Sky original drama, Tin Star: Liverpool. 

Being the second most filmed city in the UK means we’ve popped up on your TV screens quite a few times. You’ll be able to spot us in films like, ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them’, the upcoming Batman movie and Danny Boyle’s Beatles inspired film, ‘Yesterday’ alongside TV shows such as ‘The Crown’, ‘Peaky Blinders’ and now ‘Tin Star: Liverpool’. 

The third and final season of the Sky original drama ‘Tin Star’ has chosen Liverpool as it’s host city and we’re so excited to see some amazing locations being featured in Tim Roth’s incredible series. Released on 10 December you’ll be able to catch all of the episodes on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. 

We’ve picked out some of the most recognisable locations in the Liverpool City Region used for filming the six episode season for you to look out for below. There are also a few quotes from the cast and crew on their experiences filming in the city. Be warned, there may be spoilers ahead!

EPISODE 1 - Homecoming 

Jack arrives in Liverpool, hoping to reunite with Angela and Anna. His mission is clear - track down a list of names from his past, kill them and safeguard his family’s future. Finding his family is one thing but keeping them alive is another. 

Tim Roth (Jack Worth) on Liverpool: “I chose Liverpool because I'd worked there with Jimmy McGovern on a BBC drama called ‘Reg’. Liverpool has all kinds of landscapes and communities… instead of using it as a set, it became a character in the show itself.”

Alison Jackson (Executive Producer) on filming in Liverpool: “Liverpool City Region provided us with a wealth of cinematic locations, and the support we received from Liverpool Film Office and the people of this city has been instrumental in creating our explosive third series.”  



This is not the first time St George’s Hall has been seen on the screen, cinema or small. This time round the stunning building is being used for a ‘Greater Merseyside Police’ press conference in, Episode 1 - Homecoming of ‘Tin Star: Liverpool’ and you can see a clip from the press conference here

St George’s Hall is one of Liverpool’s most beautiful buildings and one of the finest examples of Neoclassical architecture in the UK. Home to a series of events all year long, the popular filming location is a must visit if you get the chance. Keep an eye out for when the famous Minton Floor tiles get revealed in the Great Hall too, it’s a sight to see!

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


Superstar Boudoir is a well loved LGBT+ friendly venue in Liverpool and was used as the setting of a drag club in Tin Star Liverpool. 

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


Angela comes face to face with a very personal name on the list. The Worths go on a wild night out, but there is an unexpected turn of events that not everyone will survive...

Alison Jackson (Executive Producer) on Liverpool as a location: “I’m from Liverpool, and the way I saw it professionally was very different to going there personally. Standing back and looking at the magnificent architecture, the character and variety of it was very inspiring. This season is about coming home for the Worths, literally and emotionally, about facing your enemies rather than being on the back foot. Liverpool worked well for that. There’s something special about the atmosphere which comes mainly from the people.”



New Brighton Prom is one of the best places in the Liverpool City Region to head for a walk all year round. Not only do you get to experience the beautiful sea air but you also get to see the stunning view of the Liverpool skyline from across the famous River Mersey. 

“We filmed in Liverpool city centre, but also on the outskirts, in Southport, New Brighton, Ormskirk…We also filmed on New Brighton beach and the light there was incredible, so we could contrast the tiny Worth family against a vast expanse of sky.” - Alison Jackson.

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


The Baltic Triangle is one of the most creative and exciting parts of the city. From bars and restaurants to street art and music festivals, this corner of the city is a must visit and you can see why it was picked for a spot of filming. You can find out more about The Baltic Triangle here

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


Michael and Catherine clash over their next move. The Worths’ new plan causes problems for Anna, who makes a bold and dangerous decision. 

Roman Joffe (Screenwriter) on why Liverpool was chosen for filming: “It was always going to be somewhere like that. But the connection between Liverpool and Ireland made sense in terms of Angela’s character, so we built around how they met. When I recced Liverpool, I wandered around on my own, taking photos with my iPhone. The writer in me was overwhelmed with inspiration. I went to the Museum of Liverpool and looked at the city’s history. It felt like a city that’s as maverick as the show, a city that never plays by the rules.”



You’ll find Dockleaf and Ryde in The Baltic Triangle, two of the areas much loved restaurants and coffee shops. It’s the perfect spot to head for something to eat in this creative corner of the city that is always alive with music and activity. 

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


Liverpool is home to the largest and oldest Chinese community in Europe and is easily recognised by the beautifully crafted Chinese Arch that adorns the entry. The Arch, which is 13.5 metres tall, was donated to the city in 2000 by Shanghai, who Liverpool is twinned with. You can see in the behind the scenes photo below the cast and crew shooting a scene for ‘Tin Star: Liverpool’ at Chinatown

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


A conflicted Lunt is forced to make a choice with potentially deadly consequences. Anna’s predicament takes an unexpected turn when she is presented with an opportunity to kill Catherine. Jack and Angela’s list begins to spiral out of control. 

Abigail Lawrie (Anna Worth) on filming in Liverpool: “It was brilliant. I love Liverpool. It’s one of my favourite cities. The people are some of the funniest, the city’s buzzing, there’s a really cool art scene...It was great to be by the water and so close to home.”

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


The fallout from the Worths’ visit continues and Jack takes solace in an unexpected place. Angela’s past catches up to her as Catherine attempts a last-minute escape. 

Genevieve O’Reilly (Angela Worth) on filming in Liverpool: “Being in the company of that great city, by which I mean the collective culture of the people there. And experiencing the juxtaposition of place and character was a special thing – you’d expect season three to be in Canada, so although the team were brave to upend it, it reveals the characters within a landscape that is probably truer to themselves. And we had a lot of laughs on this show.”



Just outside the city centre is Everton Brow. A popular spot to head to watch the sunset over Liverpool. The view is stunning and the wild flowers and landscape make for an ideal evening watching the sun go down.

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


Malmaison on Liverpool’s iconic waterfront is a beautiful place to stay to easily explore the city. In the photo below you’ll be able to see a still from ‘Tin Star: Liverpool’ of Tim Roth in the entrance to Malmaison. Find out more about staying at Malmaison Liverpool here

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


Jack and Angela Worth celebrate their long-awaited wedding but Michael has a final surprise in store. A split-second decision from one of the Worths’ has fatal repercussions.

Joanne Whalley (Mary James) on filming in Liverpool: “Liverpool blew my mind - especially the architecture, I had no idea it was so beautiful. I hadn't been back for so long, it sounds so cheesy but there's an energy in the streets, an optimism and can-do-attitude.”



Southport Pier features in episode six of ‘Tin Star: Liverpool’. Opened in August 1860, it is the oldest iron pier in the country and the second-longest in Britain making it perfect for a bit of filming. The seaside town makes for the perfect day out on a sunny day and at just a short train ride on the Merseyrail Northern Line from the city centre, you’ll be there in no time. From the beach to arcades, fish and chips and beautiful sunsets you can see why they picked Southport Pier for this series. 

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic


Salisbury Dock was used for filming some final scenes in episode six of ‘Tin Star: Liverpool’. It’s easily identified by Victoria Tower, a Grade II listed Gothic Revival clock tower which acted as an aid to ships by providing both an accurate time and warning of impending meteorological changes. It’s brilliant to see a little bit of Liverpool’s history on the screen. 

Photo - Tin Star: Liverpool: ⓒ Sky Atlantic

‘Tin Star: Liverpool’ premieres at 9pm on December 10 on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV - all episodes will be available as a box set. 

The brand new Sky Shop is now open at Liverpool ONE, with additional safety measures in place. It is perfect for both new and existing customers to chat to one of their experts about your perfect Sky package. 

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